Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Two Lists of Jewish Families in Troskunai

Lists made by the Jewish Community Council of Troskunai sometime between 1920 and 1924, exact dates unknown.  Link key:

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= Notes on Occupations

original document 1 (Yiddish)

head of household household
1Elia Shevel3no occupation
2Elia Gerter5turner  
3Chaya Tatarsky7no occupation
4Ovadia Kreytsikovich2tailor
[5][no #5 on list]
6Avraham Saibel or Shevel5coachman  
7Ruven Godel5furrier
8Eliezer Klatzko 7no occupation
9Menahem Itzhak Shapiro5butcher
10Sora Riva Karpov 6no occupation
11Velve Grazul3tinsmith
12Zalman Yuter 3bricklayer  
13Abraham Itzik Apel2brick maker
14Chaim Murmishk5bricklayer  
15Chaya Sora Konkurovich 10no occupation
16Shneyer Glezer 4peddler  
17Sora/Sarah Yoffe5no occupation
18Binyomin Itzikovich 3shoemaker
19Itzke Nurkin5shopkeeper
20Aharon Sapoznik1egg seller
21Eliezer Lichtenstein 4kosher butcher
22Shneyer Reznikovich 2shopkeeper
23Saul [Shie/Ovsey] Leyb Yakobson 5shopkeeper
24Avraham Puner 9peddler  
25Tamara Kozhenetz 1shopkeeper
26Yosef Kozhenetz 6no occupation
27Fayve Itzikovich 6shoemaker
28Zvi [Hirsh] Milner7miller
29Chaya Solomon [NOTE]There were two Chaya Solomons: (1) Chaya Freda Solomon, b. 1898, daughter of Itzik Solomon; (2) Chaya Basya Solomon, b. 1897, née Yakobson, wife of Yechiel Solomon. 6no occupation
30Gershon Katz 7shoemaker
31Gershon Solomon 8peddler  
32Meyer Glezer 2egg seller
33Shimen Lurie5shoemaker
34Chana (?) Shirman2no occupation
35Aizik Kozhenetz 7no occupation
36Itzhak Yoffe 3no occupation
37Yeheskel (Hatskel) Harash3no occupation
38Mordkhe Glezer 4door & window maker
39Baruch Gordon 6no occupation
40Nosn Yuzent 3bricklayer  
41Fishel Levin 5shopkeeper
42Zev [Wulf] Lichtin4shopkeeper
43Itzik Lehavitsky5shopkeeper
44Yosef Berk 4shopkeeper
45Zvi [Hirsh] Katzerginsky8shopkeeper
46Zvi [Hirsh] Glezer 6shopkeeper
47Leyb Tuvia (?)1no occupation
48Aharon [Ortzik] Glezer 9shopkeeper
49Mina Saltuper 1no occupation
50Mordkhai Levin2butcher
51Shlome Koyfman/Kaufman5shopkeeper
52Yakov Kushner 5bookbinder
53Shlome Kushner 7coachman  
54Paya Rutenberg 5shopkeeper
55Mordkhe Degutnik 2shopkeeper
56Pinkhas [Pine] Shirman 4roofer
57Zvi [Hirsh] Shepshelevich 2tailor
58Leyb Levin2peddler  
59Itzik Karpuk4watchmaker
60Chaim Tzak6glazer
61Binyomin Krasovsky 8tailor
62Aba Kikhel 5turner  
63Aba Segal 2tailor
64Eliezer Moshe Shevtsovich 6no occupation
65Leyb Lefkovich3no occupation
66Leyb Baron6shingle maker  
67Chaim Gontovnik3bricklayer  
68Moshe Gontovnik3no occupation
69Hirshe Vatkin1no occupation
70Zalman Berk 6tailor
71Daniel Ritve4shoemaker
72Rachel Shule Zalk 1[blank]
73Leyb Shepshelevich 4bricklayer  
74Leyb Damesek3[blank]
75Reykhl Vitvisk (?)4no occupation
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76Eliezer Ber Zalk 5no occupation
9families here who are supported from abroad
22people who received donations for Passover necessities
12people with ... support
28buildings burned and destroyed
no occupation21
egg seller2
door & window maker1
shingle maker4

original document 2 (Yiddish)

head of household household
1Avraham Itzik Chaimovich 5blacksmith
2Shmerl Glezer 3tailor
3Binyomin Itzikovich 4shoemaker
4Itzik Skudovich 2shoemaker
5Fayve Skudovich 2land merchant
6Zvi [Hirsh] Skudovich 6land merchant
7Baruch Skudovich 2land merchant
8Moyshe Khoner4teacher
9Peysach Glezer 4glazer
10Zisle Klatzko 3peddler  
11Zelman Moshe Waldman 3no profession
12Zev [Wulf] Yosefovich2shopkeeper
13Eliezer Karpov 6shoemaker
14Zalman Yuter 3bricklayer  
15Chaya Sora Konkurovich 10shopkeeper
16Shmuel Zalk 2no profession
17Shneyer Glezer 4peddler  
18Chaim Vinik 4land merchant
19Henoch Vinik 7flax merchant
20Meshiach [Moses?] Zalk 2no occupation
21Chaim Hirshe Gulbitsky4shopkeeper/merchant
22Saul [Shie/Ovsey] Leyb Yakobson 5shopkeeper
23Shabtai Bageyler5builder
24Yosef Isar Kopelovich3butcher
25Aharon Sapoznik8shopkeeper
26Yehoshua [Ovsey] Kozhenetz 8shopkeeper
27Yosef Kozhenetz 6land merchant
28Zev [Velve/Wulf] Itzikovich 7shoemaker
29Leyb Shmidt 6shoemaker
30Zvi [Hirsh] Milner5miller
31Yakov Kadishevich5agent/supplier  
32Meyer Binyomin Zelbovich5agent/supplier  
33Aba Segal 5tailor
34Elia Shevel3flax
35Nochum Itzhak Tag/Tog6butcher
36Sholem Eyzer the rabbi 8hardware dealer
37Eliahu Puntik5shoemaker
38Chaim Eliahu Miller/Muler6bricklayer  
39Eliezer Klatzko 6coachman  
40Shmuel Markel 3butcher
41Gimpel Chaimovich 7agent/supplier  
42Nochum Chaimovich 5shoemaker
43Shlome Kushner 5butcher
44Yakov Kushner 2bookbinder
45Yosef Saltuper 5unofficial doctor
46Leyzer Lichtenstein3butcher
47Shlomo Kovnovich 6shopkeeper
48Israel Beiner6shopkeeper
49Rochel Konkurovich 3shopkeeper
50Leyb Kikhel 5shopkeeper
51Dov [Ber/Bere] Lichtin 5shopkeeper
52Fishel Levin 4peddler  
53Yehezkel [Chatzkel] Saltuper 5lumber merchant
54Aba Idel Romer6agent/supplier  
55Sholem Leyb Levin4peddler  
56Benzion Segal 5butcher
57Nachman Lichtin 7flax
58Fayve Solomin/Solomon 5gardener
59Zvi [Hirsh] Shmidt 5shoemaker
60Mendel Shmidt 5shoemaker
61Elhonen [Khone] Shmidt 5bricklayer  
62Gershon Katz 7shoemaker
63Meyer Glezer 3peddler  
64Gershon Solomon 9flax merchant
65Baruch Lurie5bricklayer  
66Aizik Kozhenetz 7lumber merchant
67Itzhak Yoffe 4lumber merchant
68Yehezkiel Harash3lumber merchant
69Mordkhe Glezer 6door & window maker
70Dov [Ber/Berl] Yuzent 7bricklayer  
71Leyb Reznikovich 6[blank]
72Zalman Berk 7tailor
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73Leyb Zalk 13rabbi
74Israel Rutenberg 6shingle maker  
75Mortkhel Degutnik 2shopkeeper
76Pinkhas [Pine] Shirman 5agent/supplier  
77Gershon Kikhel 5tailor
78Nachman Voskoboinik 4shopkeeper
79Binyomin Zev [Wulf] Reznikovich 5kosher butcher
80Sholem Shimen Hurwich/Gurwich2teacher
81Israel Sapoznik7leather merchant
82Hirsh Nurkin4flax merchant
83Elhanen Nurkin3no occupation
84Baruch Hirsh Rosen (Royzen)6 brick maker
85Aharon [Ortzik] Glezer 7butcher
86Shimen Glezer 6coachman  
87Moshe Shneider6brick maker
88Binyomin Krasovsky 8tailor
89Leyb Shepsel [Shepshelevich] 6bricklayer  
90Genenda Velk2no occupation
91Aba Tankhum 7shingle maker [NOTE]A 1912 taxpayer record identifies Abel Tankhum as a potter.
92Baruch Gordon 7butcher
93Ovadia Kreytzikovich2tailor
94Fayve Itzikovich 6shoemaker
95Eliezer Moshe Shevtsovich 6shoemaker
96Gitel Klatzko 4no occupation
97the Shevtsovich widow [NOTE]probably Mirel Shevtsovich, widow of Gershon Shevtsovich, who died in 19073no occupation
98Yona (?) Miller/Muler4bricklayer  
99Hene Beiner2no occupation
100Aharon Beiner3coachman  
101Aba Kikhel 5turner  
102Moshe Binyomin [Bine] Kikhel 3turner  
103Simcha Abramovich4schoolmaster
104Shlome Zalk 6agriculture
105Pine Shapiro2spinner [NOTE]literal translation: wool machine (to spin yarn from raw wool)
106Chaim Rabin7tinsmith
107Meyer Binyomin Zelbovich(?)[blank]

❖ Notes on Occupations

A driver, teamster, carter, someone who drove a cart and hauled goods.

In the 1920s most houses in Troskunai were wooden, but they all had brick ovens and chimneys. So bricklayers were mostly oven makers.

Avraham used to go to the villages to buy up ANY merchandise: pelts, dates, corn, hides, flax. He would buy it to sell or to accumulate it. He and his sons bought or sold anything they could. They would go to a village and meet someone on the way, a goy, one of the villagers. They'd learn from him that someone in the village had something to sell. Everyone wanted to be the first for the gravy—the hide, the cow, or anything. If it was a kosher cow (without a blemish), they would bring it back to our town and the shochet would cut it up and sell it to the Jews. He also sold chickens, eggs, and everything else.

— description by Alter Resnick

Some peddlers were learned and very pious men. They would carry around a holy book to read while they rested their feet and the horse grazed, or if there was nothing to do.

— Hirsz Abramowicz, Profiles of a Lost World (YIVO, 1999)

Turners used a wood lathe to make cylindrical objects like canes, umbrellas, and pipes for smoking.

Shingle Maker
Shingle-making was a cooperative undertaking, with various tasks performed by different people: two would do the sawing, one the splitting, two the planing and two the grooving.

— Hirsz Abramowicz, Profiles of a Lost World (YIVO, 1999)

Agent/supplier (yiddish: שאַפֿער [shafer])
Someone who procured supplies and arranged their delivery.

shingle maker2
leather merchant2
flax dealer5
brick maker2
no occupation6
unofficial doctor1
lumber merchant4
door & window maker1
land merchant5

NOTE: the two turners are missing from this list.

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