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Karpov families

NOTE: We show two Karpov families that may or may not be related. One family originates with LEYZER ABRAM KARPOV, the other with YOSEF KARPOV.   (Skip to the YOSEF KARPOV family.)

Karpov family

Sora (Shneider) Karpov, her father, her husband Leyzer Karpov, and (standing) their son Yosef Elye Karpov  (enlarge)

LEYZER ABRAM KARPOV was born in Troskunai before 1846. He married Chaya (Eva), who was born in Lithuania in 1832. Leyzer Abram died in Anyksciai (Aniksht) in ~1877-1878, and Chaya died in Troskunai in 1891.

The six known children of Leyzer Abram and Chaya Karpov:

I.  Kopel Marks (Karpel) Karpov (later Copel Marks Caplan) was born in Troskunai in 1863. He married Asna Leah Berolsky, who was born in Lithuania in ~1864. The family emigrated to England. Asna died in 1923. Copel died on 6 October 1933 in Northumberland South, Northumberland, England. The five children of Kopel Karpov (Copel Caplan) and Asna Berolsky:

II.  Abel Leyb Karpov was born in Troskunai in 1868.

III.  Efroim Karpov was born in Troskunai in 1870. He married Ana Tauba Etelzon, who was born in 1868. The four children of Efroim Karpov and Ana Tauba Etelzon:

IV.  Moshe Yosel Karpov was born in Troskunai in 1872. He married Sora Rivka Sapir, who was born in Viesintos (Vishinte) in ~1869. Moshe Yosel died before 1920, and Sora Rivka died in Troskunai in 1929.


Moshe Yosel Karpov
Ester Mere Karpov
(1928)  (enlarge)

V.  Nekhemye Karpov was born in Troskunai in 1874. On 8 January 1899 in Kupiskis (Kupeshok) he married Sheyna Hinda Ratsin, who was born in Kupiskis in 1875. The two children of Nekhemye Karpov and Sheyna Hinda Ratsin:

Leyzer Abram Karpov

Leyzer Abram

Bentsel Karpov

Bentzion Karpov

Sora Karpov

Sora Sheyna

Nechama Karpow



Bentsel Karpov at work

VI.  Leyzer Abram Karpov was born in Troskunai in September 1878. He married Sora Sheyna Shneider, who was born in ~1881. Leyzer was a shoemaker. When Jewish families were expelled to the east during World War I (1915), the family went to Yekaterinburg, Russia, and returned to Troskunai in 1921. Sora died in Troskunai in or before 1936. After her death, Leyzer emigrated to Brazil in 1936 with his youngest son. He died in São Paulo on 14 March 1940.
PHOTO Sora and Leyzer Karpov with their son Yosef and Sora's father (Trashkun, undated)
PHOTO Leyzer Abram Karpov and Sora Sheyna (Shneider) Karpov
PHOTO Gravestone of Leyzer Abram Karpov
DOCUMENT Document issued to Karpov family upon their return from expulsion in Russia (1921)
DOCUMENT Leyzer Abram Karpov's application for internal passport or Lithuanian ID (1921)

Chana Karpov

Chana Karpov

Yosef Elye Karpov

Josif Elias

YOSEF (YOSEL) KARPOV was born before 1810 in Raguva (Rogeve), and he died before 1869. His wife's name is unknown.

The two known children of Yosef Karpov:

I.  Abram Karpov was born in Raguva (Rogeve) in 1827. He married Rivka, who was born in 1835. Abram died in Anyksciai (Aniksht) on 25 May 1893. The six known children of Abram and Rivka Karpov:

II.  Nekhemye Karpov was born in Raguva or Troskunai in 1860. He married Basia Toker, who was born in Ramygala (Remigole) in 1861 and died in Krakes (Krok) on 3 October 1936. The five known children of Nekhemye Karpov and Basia Toker:

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