Families of Troškūnai (Trashkun)


Kikhel family

Alternate spelling: Kichel

The earliest known family member is Shevel Kikhel, born in Raguva (Rogeve) sometime before 1806. He died before 1869, and his wife's name is unknown. The three known sons of Shevel Kikhel were:

I.  Moshe Kikhel was born in Raguva in 1822 and died in Troskunai (Trashkun) in 1902. He married Sora Dveyra Segal, who was born in Lithuania in 1823 and died in Troskunai in 1895. The three known children of Moshe Kikhel and Sora Dveyra Segal:

II.  Meyrim Kikhel was born in Raguva in 1826. He married Mikhla Mina, who was born in Lithuania in 1827. Meyrim died before 1888. The four children of Meyrim and Mikhla Mina Kikhel:

Rokha (Shapiro) Kikhel

Rokha (Shapiro)

Dvera and son Yankel Kikhel

Rokha Kikhel, wife of Gershon,
with daughters Feyga and Yenta

Rokha (Shapiro) Kikhel

Meyer Cohen

Cohen brothers

The five Cohen brothers (enlarge)

Morris and Glika Ugent

Morris and Glika Ugent

Ethel Yugent

Ethel Ugent

Mary Kovitz

Mary Kikhel
Cohen Kovitz

III.  Mikhel Gershon Kikhel was born ~1828 in Troskunai or Raguva. He married Leah, who was born in 1834. On 1 August 1877 in Panevezys, Mikhel Gershon married his second wife, Rasha Kremer, who was born between 1840 and 1847 in Pumpenai (Pumpyan). Mikhel Gershon died in Troskunai in 1903, and Rasha died in Troskunai in 1908.

Mikhel Kikhel

Mikhel Kikhel

Sholom Kikhel

Sholom Kikhel

Zalman Kikhel

Zalman Kikhel/Kikhli

Shoshana Kikhli

Shoshana Kikhli

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