Below are pages from an article on Tarnobrzeg Synagogue in Magazine Dzikovia by Krystyna Blasiak of the Tarnobrzeg Library. Click on the thumbnails for the full article (In Polish). For an English translation, select this link for an Microsoft Word Version.
Below are photos of the Old Synogogue of Tarnobrzeg

Old Synagogue of Tarnobrzeg
Picture 1 & 2


Old Synagogue of Tarnobrzeg
Picture 3 & 4

Old Synagogue of Tarnobrzeg
Picture 5 & 6

Murals from the inside.

Backside of the old synagogue. Taken during WWII when it was a storage building. *
New Synagogue of Tarnobrzeg, Nowadays a library


Holocaust Plaque
Taken on 1-23-1995 on the anniversary of the towns remembrance of the holocaust


Tarnobrzeg Synagogue Color photo of the old Tarnobrzeg Synagogue  
Current Tarnobrzeg Library Library of Tarnobrzeg, at the site of the Tarnobrzeg Synagogue  

Two photos of the synogogue being converted to a library