List of Schlussel/Schlissels buried at Mt Hebron cemetery NY
1857-1858 Birth, Marriage & Death Records
The Garfunkel file
Ha Magid
1936 Jewish Governing committee
The Delayed Birth Register E's & S's
Inventory for the City of Tarnobrzeg - 1791
The 1772 Census of the Jews of Dzikow later known as Tarnobrzeg
List of people selling alcohol in Tarnobrzeg
The 1952 Private Real Estate Owners List
The 1867 Tax List (partial -- see list for more information)
The 1903 - 1928 Death Records of Tarnobrzeg
Heating and Wood Documents
Documents from the Tarnowski Archives
Birth Documents
List of Jews in Tarnobrzeg before 1939
School Records