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and Burial Societies

(Scroll down page for contacts in US and around the world.)

Booklet for the Banquet Celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of the 
Independent Belchatower Young Men's Benevolent Association,
 Founded in 1911
(The banquet was held at the Diplomat Hotel,108 West 43 Street, NYC, February 2, 1941)
(booklet provided by Alan Frishman, nephew of co-founder William Frishman)

Click on the booklet to read the contents and learn about the founding of the Association.

Photograph of the Arrangement Committee
Click on the photograph to see an enlarged view with the names of the Committee members.

Belchatowers at dinner in NY (1960)
Click on the photograph to see an enlarged view with names.


New York Belchatower Societies donate an ambulance to the People of Israel.
[From the right are Eliber Alec Yoskovich, z"l; Abraham Szylit, z"l; and Abraham Altman.
The man on the extreme left is Plavner (Peled) and third from the left is Ferber.]
Click on the photograph to see an enlarged view.  
Do you recognize anyone else in the photograph?
Do you know when it was taken?

Contact in United States:

Independent Belchatower Benevolent Association
[This society was originally the Independent Belchatower Young Men's Benevolent Association (New York), founded in 1911.]

In Memory of
Hiller Bell
October 15, 1914 - October 9, 2003

Click here to read more about our late friend.

Mr. Hiller Bell (Belchatowski), Late President

Mrs. Phyllis Bell (Belchatowski), Secretary
1833 South Ocean Drive, Apt. 1404
Hallandale, Florida 33009-4965

[Monument Journal cover]

Click on the cover of the Belchatower Memorial Book (Journal of the Monument Committee of the United Belchatower Assistance Committee) to read the contents (translated from the Yiddish) and see the photographs of the Belchatowers who erected the Mt. Hebron Monument in 1951.

Contact in Ontario, Canada:

Dedication of Monument
Mt. Hebron Cemetery, NY, 1951
(photo courtesy of Hiller and Phyllis Bell)

Click on the photo above to see other photos of the Mt. Hebron Monument and the Hazkarah (Memorial Service) Gatherings in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

Piotrkov, Tomashov,  Belchatov and Vicinity Society in Toronto 

Mr. Syd Bojarski, President

1 Clark Avenue West #1504
Thornhill, Ontario L4J7Y6

winter address:
Parker Towers
3140 South Ocean Dr. (Apt. 2407)
Hallandale, FL 33009 USA


Bathurst Lawn Cemetery, 
Toronto, Canada, 1998
(photo courtesy of Riva Bojarski)

Click on the photo on the left to see other photos of the Monument and the Hazkarah (Memorial Service) Gatherings in 1985 and 1998. 

Contact in Israel:

Mr. Menachem Sharon, Head of Belchatow Landsmannschaft

27 Bezalel Street
Tel Aviv, Israel 64683

Click on the photo on the right to see other photos of the Monument (1975 and 1992) and the Hazkarah (Memorial Service) Gathering on October 3, 2006. 

Contact in Argentina:

The last known address of a Belchatower landsmannschaft  in Argentina is:
J. Pukacz
Melincue 3172 PED
Buenos Aires, 1417,
Rep. Argentina

Contact in France:

Belchatow Et Ses Environs (Belchatow and Neighborhood)
Paris, France
(information provided by Paul Gelbhart)

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