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Anniversary Booklet

Booklet for the Banquet Celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of the 
Independent Belchatower Young Men's Benevolent Association,
 Founded in 1911

(The banquet was held at the Diplomat Hotel,108 West 43 Street, NYC, February 2, 1941)
(booklet provided by Alan Frishman, nephew of co-founder William Frishman)

Contents of the Banquet Booklet

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The story of the Belchatower Young Men's society (pages 1-3)

In Appreciation (pages 4-5)

Honor Roll (page 5)

Greetings from President, Vice-President, and ex-Presidents (pages 6-7)

Greetings from a Co-Founder (page 8)

List of Officers  (page 9)

Members  (pages 10-11)

In Memoriam  (page 12)

Greetings from the Arrangement Committee  (page 13)

Photograph of the Arrangement Committee (back cover)


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