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Monument Journal
(Belchatower Memorial Book)

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Page One
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Contents of the Belchatower Memorial Book
(Journal of the Monument Committee of the
United Belchatower Assistance Committee)

(Translated from the Yiddish by Katie Eisenstadt and Jerry Liebowitz)

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(N.B.: We still need volunteers to translate the non-hyperlinked sections.)

The Assistance Committee (page 2)

The Monument Committee (page 3)

Lipman Bench: "Landsleit [Countrymen] -- Belchatowers" (pages 4-5)

David Rosen: "Remarks About Belchatowers in Paterson [NJ]" (page 6)

Harry & Sadie Naparstek: "A Sacred Memory!" (page 7)

Zalman Pudlowsky: "Belchatow" (pages 8-12)

"The Destruction of Belchatow" (pages 13-18)

Zalman Pudlowsky: "Belchatowers in the USA" (pages 19-27)

[List of contributions to the Monument Fund raised in honor of others] (page 28)

Abraham Laib: "Belchatowers in Argentina" (pages 29-31)

About "Belchatow" [The Yizkor Book] (page 32)

Comments by Abraham Laib and Chaim Faivel Naparstek (page 33)

Eulogy Letter to Mrs. Sam Haft from the Monument Committee (page 34)

"In Memory of Our Parents, Yekel & Chanah Fayge Naparstek" (page 35)

Officers of the Independent Belchatower Young Men's Benevolent Association (page 36)


Mr. & Mrs. Lipman Bench and Family (page 37)

Patrons (page 38-39)

"Gratitude [to Harry and Sadie Naparstek] from a Group of Belchatowers" (page 40)

Patrons and Advertisers (pages 41-46)

Patrons and Advertisers, cont'd (pages 47-54)


This Journal was provided by Mrs. Rosa Haft of New York, 
who was Chana Raizel Rynski of Zawiercie, Poland,
and her son Arthur Haft
In Memory of
Perec (Peretz) Haft (1918-2000) 

Holocaust Survivor from Belchatow

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