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Memorial Monument & Hazkarah Gatherings

in Bathurst Lawn Memorial Park (Toronto, Canada)

"This memorial is dedicated to the sacred memory of 
the Jewish Martyrs of
Piotrkov, Tomashov, Belchatov and vicinity
May their souls rest in peace.
Their memory will live forever. "

[photograph of the monument with box of ashes as base]

Monument in 1998
(The black box in front contains ashes from Treblinka, 1942.)
(Click on photo for close-up view of names.)

Photographs of the Ceremony 
Burying the Ashes from Treblinka in 1985

[digging the hole for the ashes from Treblinka]

Yossel Wolfovich (with shovel)

[photo of group of attendees at the ceremony]

[photo of attendees at the ceremony]

Photographs From the Hazkarah 
(Memorial Service) 
in 1998

[Rabbi at the monument with some survivors]

[group photo of survivors and their families]

(Photographs courtesy of Riva Bojarski)

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