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Dr. Emil Eibenschütz

wife Bözske (born Günsberger )

daughter Zsuzsa

In 1944, Dr. Emil Eibenschütz, dentist, was a leading member of the Jewish Reform community of Sárvár. His wife, Bözske Günsberger was my grandmother’s younger sister.

Bözske was the eighth child of Ignac Günsberger from Alsóság in Vas County (a small town about 15 km from Sárvár) was born on June 5, 1894 in Alsóság. She married Dr. Eibenschütz abt. 1922-23, probably in Alsóság. Their only child, Zsuzsa, was born abt. 1925-26.  

On March 1944, when the Germans entered Sárvár, Bözske was almost 50 years old. They were all transported to the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. Emil and Bözske were probably judged too old to work. Zsuzsa would have been abt. 18 or 19 years old – able to work, yet she never came back.  

When I talked to Alice Lok Cahana, she remembered Dr Eibenschütz and Zsuzsa from Sárvár, but didn’t remember seeing Zsuzsa at any time after the German occupation. 

Most of what I write about Emil, Bözske and Zsuzsa and other members of this family are based on research and what my cousin told me many years later, in 1998.

Photo of Zsuzsa, 16 September, 1929



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