Vas Megye, Hungary 


Other Names: Sárvár [Hun], Klein Zell [Ger], Vármellék, Savar


Location: 47°15' N 16°56' E -- 164 km W of Budapest

History of Jewish Presence

In 1877, Sárvár had a population of 2,386. Vármellék (now part of Sárvár) had a population of 1212. Between the two communities, there was a Jewish population of 539 people whose place of worship was in Sárvár.

Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary, compiled by Jordan Auslander, Avotaynu, 2005

According to the Hungarian Jewish Website, there is no Jewish community in Sárvár today. It has been made Judenfrei.

Read about the Jewish history of Sárvár in the Vas County Yizkor Book

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Families of Sárvár


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My Sárvár family

Dr. Emil Eibenschütz, his wife and daughter Zsuzsa are listed in the Yizkor Book Necrology of Sárvár. His wife, born Bözske Günsberger on June 5, 1894, was my grandmother's younger sister. Their daughter Zsuzsa was probably around 18-19 years old when transported to Auschwitz. Read more about this family.


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Holocaust Testimonies

  • Alice Lok Cahana was born in Sárvár in 1929. She and her family were sent to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, where Cahana was one of the few who survived. After the war, she lived in Sweden from 1952 to 1957. She came to the United States soon after and settled in Houston, Texas in 1959 where she has since made her home. Read more about her Holocaust experience in Sárvár.

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Search the JewishGen Hungary Database. This is a multiple database search facility which incorporates all the databases listed below.  These databases have been contributed by the JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG) and individual donors.  The combined databases have more than 800,000 entries, referring to individuals living in the current and former territory of Hungary — this includes present Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania, and subcarpathian Ukraine.  The database is a work in progress and new entries are being added regularly.

The New York Public Library has placed online 650 of the 700 postwar Yizkor books in their entirety.

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Books and Articles in English


Books and Articles in other Languages about Sárvár and its castle


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Szeibert János: Sárvár története. Kézirat.

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