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Names from the Anshe Motele Shul in Chicago:  (Click to enlarge)

Anshe Motele described in Bridges to an American City: A Guide to Chicago's Landsmanshaften, 1879 to 1990 - Sidney Sorkin.  New York, NY, P. Lang, 1993.  Used with permission.  Contributed by Trudy Barch
Names from the Anshe Motele section of Waldheim Cemetery in the outskirts of Chicago. Contributed by Diane Baer and Debra Wolraich
Names from the Anshe Motele Shul Memorial Plaques.
Names from the list of Jewish Colonial Trust shareholders from Motol
Names from the Motele Memorial in Chulon, Israel Contributed by Diana Rubanenko

At the Folk Museum in Motol 2012

Exterior of the museum

Panorama of old Motol when the large synagogue was across from the churches

Fishing boat

Blacksmith's tools

Carpenter's tools

Agricultural implements

Loom and spinning wheel

A kitchen



Musical instruments

School books

Books for learning English


Basketry and a photo of wedding celebration

Photos of village life



Motol, Belarus


Memories of Motol

Families from Motol

Photos & Documents

Researching Motol

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