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Links to Sites containing information on Motol or the area:

Bereza & Antopol - Steven Morse's website with information on two nearby Shtetls, Bereza and Antopol.

CPSA (Children of Pruzany and the Surrounding Area) - A resource site for those interested in Pruzany and the surrounding area located in Grodno.

Grodno Genealogy - JewishGen web page on the Grodno Guberniya.

JewishGen Yizkor Books

Palestine Post archive - This is the site for the archives of the Palestine Post. If you type in the word Motol you get the installments of Trial and Error by Chaim Weizmann in the Palestine Post and also a reprint of an article saying that the Jewish community of Pinsk was going to purchase the house in Motol where Chaim Weizmann was born to make it a People's Hall.

Motol, Belarus


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