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The Destruction of Motele (Hurban Motele) was published in Hebrew by the Council of Motele Immigrants in Jerusalem in 1956. It was edited by A.L. Poliak, Ed. Dr. Dov Yarden.  The book has 87 pages and contains memoirs and events leading up to the destruction of Motele in 1942. The book is also available from the following libraries:  Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, Call No: 1971581 and Holocaust Center of Northern California, San Francisco, CA, Call No: MOTELE.  The book has been translated from the original Hebrew to English for JewishGen.


Annotated Bibliography by Itzhak Epstein - Please click the link to view this bibliography in Adobe Acrobat format.



Ba'tzel Korateinu/Under Our Roofs by Haya Weizmann-Lichtenstein. For English translation, contact Debra Wolraich


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