Myn'kivtsi, Ukraine

Minkovitz (Yiddish)  מינקאוויץ

Minkowce [Pol],Myn'kivtsi [Ukr],

Minkovtsy [Rus]

Lat: 48° 51' N, Long: 27° 06'E

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Updated: Jun, 2022

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Minkovitz is situated 60 km northeast of Kamenets-Podolskii, on the way to Vinnitsa.  

The town is located in the broad valley surrounded by high hills, on the banks of the

Ushitsa river (a tributary of the Dnestr), on the road between Dunaevtsy (21 km)

and Novaia Ushitsa (13 km).


                                            Minkovitz Synagogue

Built in 1776, the big wooden synagogue was located on the bank of the Ushitsa River.  An ezrat nashim (women's gallery) was added later to the second level.  The walls and cupola were decorated with frescos, some included prayers and psalms.  The frescos included symbolic mystical depictions of a battle between a lion and a unicorn and a carriage passing through the gates
and other representations of Paradise.

Here are 2 files that Alex Krakovsky posted of Jews from Minkovitz.

They are in both Russian and Hebrew. The file name tells the contents.

Lists of household owners on the state lands of Minkovets and other Ushytsya counties

Metric books of the Jews of Minkovtsi and Dunaivtsi. 1845

Can you read either language and help index/translate the files?  If so, please contact Barbara Ellman.



         1908 Map of Minkovitz area


Visit to Minkovt'sy

      Thanks to Joan Adler and Bobbi Furst for providing a trip report of their visit to our ancestors home

Books about Minkowitz

Spoon from Minkowitz This funny, sad, thoroughly engaging book just came out to critical acclaim.  It is about Judith Fein's search for Minkowitz, and how it turned her life into a detective story and solved the mystery of where she came from and what remains of the world her grandmother left behind.

The book was published in Jan, 2014. (Click on the book's image to connect to Amazon to order)

Photos by Judith's husband, Paul Ross are located on the Photos page.

Looking Back
"This book is centered around the memoir "Looking Back", written in 1928 by then 20 year old Isadore Weiss, only six years after coming to the United States. Isadore provides a fascinating insight into Jewish life in the Ukrainian village of Minkovitz before, during and after World War One. As the war reaches Minkovitz, the reader experiences the rare insight of the community's reaction to the fighting, the first cars, first motorcycles and first airplanes ever seen by people in that region. Contrary to popular current thought, we also see the excellent relationship between the Jewish community of Minkovitz and the German occupying troops, who made toys and gathered firewood for the homes of the people where they were housed during the winter. Isadore also recounts the artillery and the hand-to-hand combat between the forces of Simon Petlura, leader of the pogroms, and the Bolsheviks. We get to see how the new Communist regime establishes itself in Ukraine.

Isadore's wife, Sylvia, rounds out the story of how they built a life together in the United States. The story continues of how Isadore graduated with honors from the University of Pittsburgh, and then worked as a Federal investigator as he overcame the barriers of a new language and anti-Semitism.

Contributing authors provide background on the contemporary social, demographic and political environment in Ukraine to help the reader put "Looking Back" into context."

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Photos of the cemetery are found on the Photos page

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