The cemetery in Szczuczyn

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These photographs were taken by Jan Sekta in early May 2000.  I am very grateful to members of Genealogical Translations Facebook Group .

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View of some leaning stones
Another view too distant for reading inscriptions.
This stone too worn & the angle too steep to read

Shahar Stein reads:
"the dear man his house [???]

Open to the poor and destitute

Always engaged in charity

[And provided] to the underprivileged and needy

[unclear row saying something about his spoken words and people

[something] straight and good honorable his name

Baruch Bandet or Bandat  son of

Abraham Balstazki

[died] on the day [unclear] Eyar  of the year 56[8]5 or 56[9]5

May his soul be bound by the bond of life

Ied] "
[הא]יש היקר ביתו ת[???]

פתוחה לעניים ודלים

עשה צדקות תמיד

[????? ל]כל נדכה ונצרך

[???] פיו ל[ר]זל אנשים מיל[א]

[???] הישר טוב כבוד שמ[ו]

ברוך בענדעט בר'

[א]בהרם באלאסטאצקי

[נפטר] ביום ??? [אי]יר שנת תר[פ?]ה / תר[צ]ה


The previous stone, before clearing off weeds
Here is buried our dear father Kalmen, son of Meir, died in the month of Tishir 567- or 569-. Read by Leah Cohen.
The previous stone before clearing plants around it.
The next 3 images are closeups of portions of this stone. The surname is Maharshak or Marshak.(Read by Leah Cohen & Shahar Stein)
[unclear] became the head
[unclear] gifted with [her children?]
[unclear] hardship/ poor her heart the cradle [unclear]
and her house open to the poor and strangers
The Death took our honor
but in our hearts still remains the image of, our mother Mrs Etyl daughter of Mr Israel Z'L
died on 5th Tevet of the year 5698 or 5695
may her soul be bound by the bond of life
[???] כד? היתה לראש
[??]ה מכשרת עם ילדיה?
ל[?]לקשה יום לבה חיק ע[?]
וביתה פתוח לעני ולג
המות לקח את כבודנו
אך בלבנו צפון דמותה? של
אמנו מרת עטיל
ב"ר ישראל ז"ל
נפטרה בה' טבת שנת תרצח/תרצה
Here is buried
our dear and esteemed father
[an unclear row something but our heads , tears and death]
Versed in the Torah and god-fearing
his name is famous
while our break is present
he was taken from her soon after
our teacher Avraham Shimon
son of Yizhak Z"L
Died 20 or 22 in Av 5675
May his soul be bound by the bond of life
אבינו היקר והנעלה
ראשנו דמעת מות
המצויין בת[ורה] ירא ה'
שמו מפורסם לתהלה
עודנו שבר לשברנו
[??]לקח ממנה במהרה/זוהרה
מוה' אברהם שמעון
ר' יצחק ז"ל
נפטר כב אב/כ באב שנת תרעה
Leah Cohen read  Moshe Aryeh (or Aharon) ben Yosef, and could read the line "died with a good name", but not the date which usually follows it. 
 Leah Cohen read "... our dear father, our master and teacher, Reb Yoel, son of R' Sholem Shachne, OB"M." Then possibly a last name, Tevit, or "from Tevit". Died 6? Shevat 5688 or 5488. 28 January 1928 or 17 Jan 1728. Given the age of most of the other stones, the recent date seems far more likely.
Here is buried our dear mother, devout and complete in her fear of God, M. Sheyna (not quite certain; the center letter's not clear) Freyda, daughter of Reb Eliyahu, passed away on 3 Mar Cheshvan 5692. May her soul be bound to the bonds of life. (The date is 14 Oct 1931) Read by Leah Cohen
The next image is this stone, closer up.
Leah Cohen, Geradline Tsiporah Trom, and Yehuda Atlas all agree the father's name is Nachum. Yehuda Atlas thinks Nachum had a second name Yehuda or Yehoshua. The man buried here may be Yosef or Avraham. Shahar Stein could only make out the word "Kadosh" = Holy, and a partial date, 13 Eyar.
This stone is so worn, it's hard to tell it ever had an inscription.
So is this one.
pic19 The angle's bad. There are hints the top of this stone is interesting.
The lighting is too contrasty, but this one may also be very worn.
Stone before clearning off debris; it's been cleaned in the next image.
(Head)Stone for
Moh. Shmuel son of Mr Avraham D.(ied) 26 Tishrey 5644 L.
May his soul be bound by the bond of life.
I am not sure about some of the Abbreviations so did not include in the translation.
I think that the
stands for
לפרק קטן
meaning the 5000 needs to be included in the years count.
Also after that there are what i thought was
but now i think it is
the beginning of the Abbreviations תנצבה
that in this stone continues on the last line
אבן מ[צבה
איש תם וישר
מוה' שמואל ב[ר']
אברהם נ' כו' תשרי
שנת תרמד ל תנ
Read by Shahar Stein and Tova Levi
A grouping of stones
The given name may be Moshe (Zach Rothblatt) and his father's name Baruch (Geraldine Tsizporah Trom). There may be a given name but the grass is in the way.
This photo isn't legible. Fortunately the next photo is of the same stone at a better angle.
Aharon son of Shmuel - read by Yehuda Atlas. The year is 1887/1888 - read by Noni Bodini; Geraldine Tsiporah Trom saw 5645 or 5648
read by Shahar Stein":
abbr) Here is buried
an honest and straight man
remembered G_D and his Mitzvas kept faithfully an honest life (abbr) our teacher Ahron (abbr) son of Mr. Shmuel ______ 1st
Tishrei 5648
(abbr) may his soul be bound by the bond of life
איש תם וישר
זכר ה ומצותיו
שמר באמונה חיי
ישרים מוה אהרן
בר שמאל ____ א
תשרי שנת תרמח לפק
processed image by Shahar Stein
pic27 Fallen stone, showing base as well.
pic28 The surface is too weathered to read.
Duplicate of previous stone
 A closeup of the text on the stone below, which is probably the one in the image 3 up from this one, too.
szjb31 Read by Shahar Stein. There are two people buried under this stone.
Left side
Common to both sides:
Here found their respectful rest
The great in Torah and observant
Yitzhak (or Jacob) Aharon
Hebrew text
Right side
פה מצאו מנוחתם כבוד
מנהיגי התורה והיראה
התמימים והישרים
pic32 This stone's weathering makes it illegible
 This stone is mostly buried and quite overexposed
Mostly buried
View of several stones
 Quite buried in dead vegetation

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