The cemetery in Szczuczyn/

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These photographs were taken by Jan Sekta in early May 2000. 
I am extremely grateful to the dedicated volunteers of the Genealogical Translations Facebook Group for their hard work.

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Our dear mother, Mrs. Henna, daughter of Mr. Zev the Cohen. Rest of stone is missing. Translated by Esther Chanie Dushinsky
There's not enough contrast to read this small stone.
“Here is buried
“Our dear mother
“‘Above women in the tent shall she be blessed’”
Above is a quotation from Judges. This lady may have been a good mother and homemaker (the “tent”).
Shahar Stein read her name: Esther Beyla.
 An overview of a section of the cemetery. The stone in the foreground is unfortunately illegible.
Two views of the same stone. Malka, daughter of Yisrael. Surname starts with Yong-. Died 1 Sivan but year's not visible. Read by Tova Levi & Geraldine Tsiporah Trom. Leah Cohen read Yantshuss, while Herzel Laor read Yanmeshcat or Yanmeshrat for the surname.
Here lies buried our dear mother God-fearing (or complete) and whole in her fear of  God, Mrs. Sarah, daugther of Mr. Abba, passed 10 Shevat 5686/7 or 9. May her soul be cound up in the bundle of life. Read by Geraldine Tsiporah Trom, Sharon Rozov, Giora Bilu and Leah Cohen.  (10 Shevat 5687 would be  13 Jan 1927.)

This one is illegible.
An edge-on view, showing some of the sides were left rough.
Yenta, Yetta or Etta, daughter of Shmuel Michel Holstein (?), died 27th Tishrei 5675/4. Read by Tova Levi, Esther Chanie Dushinsky, and Yehuda Atlas. The surname is more probably Epstein, says  (27 Tishrei 5675 would be 17 Oct 1914.) Shahar Stein contributed:
Here is buried
the humble woman
---unclear raw---
Yenta Daughter of Mr
Shmuel Michel Z"L
Died Tuesday 27 Tishrei 5674 (28Oct1913)
May Her soul be bound in the bond of life.
האשה הצנוע_מר מינע [ת][פ]לין
ינטה בת ר'
שמואל מיכל ז"ל
נפטרה ביום ג כז
תשר[י] ש[נ]ת תרעד
Here lies buried
our mother, teacher, dearest of all women
chosen woman
Mrs. Tsipe Prus
daughter of Josef Avraham
Passed with a good name 22 Shvat 5690 (20 Feb 1930)
May her soul be bound in the bond of life. Read by Sharon Rozov, Tova Levi, and Leah Cohen.
Here is buried
An unclear text
With good name she died
Mrs Fifa Prus or Pifa Prus
Daughter of Yosef Avraham
Died 12 Shvat 5670
May her soul be bound by the bond of life - read by Shahar Stein
The word 'man' is legible, but not much else.
 View of a highly weathered stone, with trash.  Jan cleared away the trash before  taking his other photographs.
This might be the previous stone, cleared, but the contrast is too low and the discoloration too great to allow reading it.
Toval Levi could only make out 'our mother'.
Yehuda Atlas read:
.... Chasha (?)
daughter of Mr. Yisrael (surname illegible)
Died on ... Nissan 5680-something.
This one's too worn to read
This one is also too worn.
As is this one.
The language in the upper part suggests a woman. The last two visible lines might be Leah Epsh--- daughter of Lev/Rav (most likely Rav) Eliyahu (possibly). Read by Rivka Ben-Shochet.
The father's name is Tsvi. Read by Leah Cohen
Michla (מיכלה) Shostok/Shostak, daughter of Mr. Avraham. Read by Tova Levi, Leah Cohen, Esther Toh, Gyorgy Sajo
Shahar Stein reads: possibly

here is a preceding letter ZIN   and the kaf might be Pah
so either Michela or Zmipela or Zmifela or Zmivhla


Date is maybe  1st Shvat/ADAr  5678/5648 (3rd year letter (for decade) is uncertain)  

so 14 January 1888 or 1918 or 13Feb1918 or 1888

???? אמנו
[ז] מיכלה/מיפלה שאסטאק
בת ר' אברהם

????? שבט/אדר שנת תרעח /תרמח

 Another section of the cemetery, where many stones have fallen over
A very worn stone
Our modest and virtuous mother, Sara daughter of Refael, died 11 Kislev 5662, may her soul be bound in the bonds of eternal life. Read by Michal Ariel Chemtob, Emily Feinberg, No Ah, Tova Levi, and Rivka Ben-Shochet. The name  Refael end with a ligature: lig source here  
This stone can be photoshopped into legibility, at which point it becomes clear that the next photo is this same stone, cleaned & shot from a different angle.
Mrs. Feige/Feyga daugther of Shakhna. Died 19 Kislev 5660 (possibly 5680). Read by Merav Schejtman and Tova Levi. (21 Nov 1899 or 11 Dec 1919)
This stone has a menorah as decoration. As it's off-center, and you can see a portion of an arc to its right, there was an additional motif, now hardly visible.  The second line says "the modest woman" and the last line says "Mrs.". Unfortunately the name is broken off or buried. Read by Geraldine Tsiporah Trom and Gyorgy Sajo.

Here lies buried an upright woman
Mrs. Chaya or Chava
daughter of Mr. Yekutiel (?) Baruch
Who died on ? Shevat (year illegible)  Read by Geraldine Tsiporah Trom
 Only the base is left here
The base of a more elaborate grave
The angle is too steep to read this one.
The surface is so overexposed Photoshop hasn't helped (or the stone is very worn.)

 The next two images are closeups of these grave stones
My beloved mother
and teacher
Chosen among women and
in good name,  passed away
Mrs. FEYGA daughter of
R. MEIR PROSS (or Fross, etc.)
Deceased on 2
to the month Kislev
year 5690
(abbreviation for) May Her Soul be Gathered in Eternal Life

(she passed away on Wednesday 4 December 1929)

- Ze'ev Sharon
This is a more general view of Mrs. Tzipa Prus' stone, which is translated many rows above.
 Before cleaning. I thought I had the photos in order taken, but obviously not.

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