The cemetery in Szczuczyn

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These photographs were taken by Jan Sekta in early May 2000.  I am so grateful to members of the Genealogical Translations Facebook Group for the translations.

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Another overview
Illegible stone
Also illegible
Shahar Stein read:
Abbreviation Here is buried
Our important mother
Her hand opened to the poor
Raised sons to the Torah
Mrs Leah daughter of mr.
The rest is hidden
Emily Feinberg suggests 'esteemed mother'

אמנו החשובה
כפה פרשה לעני
[ה]חזיקה בני' לתורה
[מ]רת לאה בת ר'

The center stone is the one above
This stone is on the right in the previous photo
The stone is too overexposed to bring out any text.
Another view of previous stone, with some weeds cleared.
Read by Noam Sienna, Geraldine Tsiporah Trom, Leslie Train & Shahar Stein
here is buried
the humble woman
they will be destroyed from fearing Him
(or: Her hands were spread from fearing Him)
There are questions about the beginning of the Hebrew
 in the last line, but the ?? won't copy correctly
האשה הצנ[ועה]
יהרסו מיראה בו
[שוע העשי[ה/ר
Illegible, but the next photo is a better view
 Legible lines are 1-3, 4, & 7:
Here is buried
Under this stone
A young woman
(lines 5 & 6)
read by Leah Cohen, Gyogy Salo, & Geraldine Tsiporah Trom
pic14 A rough stone has a heading carved in it, but the surface is too weathered & moss covered to be able to read it.
pic15 Another view of the previous stone.
Stone overexposed, and photo taken too far away
pic17 Only the very top is still visible, with an intricate pattern too weathered to make out.
pic18 Another weathered stone. The only legible word is 'woman'. Read by Shahar Stein
pic 19
Here is buried
The righteous and humble woman
Mrs Haya Zlater daughter of Mr....
האשה הצנועה
והחסודה מרת
האעיה זלאטר בר

Above text read by Shahar Stein. Yehuda Atlas sees Mrs. Chasha Zlata חאשה זלאטה
pic20 This stone is mostly buried.
pic21 Between contrast and weathering, not legible.
pic22 Mrs. Chaya, daughter of  Chaim, died 8 Nisan 5649 (4 August 1890). Read by Geraldine Tsiporah Trom.
pic23 Too weathered.
pic24 The next 2 images are of this stone, which are partially to completely illegible
pic 26
The woman ----
My mother, my teacher----
Died --- Tevet of the year ---
(Abbreviation) May her soul
be bound up in the bond of
eternal life
Read by Yehuda Atlas
pic27 The next image is of this stone after Jan cleaned it somewhat
pic28 Lea bat R' Moshe. Died 18 Av 5650. (4 Aug 1890) Read by Leah Cohen.
pic 29 Another overview
Our dear mother ----
And the honest Mrs. Hanna daughter of
Eliezer died 25 Shvat 5654
Date not certain. If correct, 1 Feb 1894
Read by Tova Levi and Yehuda Atlas
szjs30c text

An overview allowing a glimpse of the buildings beyond the cemetery
pic32 The next image is of this stone after much of the moss was scraped off
pic33  It's still illegible
pic 34 This is the stone on the far right of the image 2 up; image below after cleaning
Here is buried
My humble teacher (fem.)
Sarah Nache the daughter of
Member/comrade Zalman Dov
On (day illegible) Adar 5656
May her soul be bound by the bond of life.
Read by Leslie Train, Yehuda Atlas, Leah Cohen, and Shahar Stein
pic35 text
Mrs. Sara (?) daughter of Mr. Refael,
died 11 Kislev 56-2
Read by Yehuda Atlas
pic 36 text

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