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[S2] Lackenbach school, about 1929-1930.

Teacher and most students were identified by Elli Ginsburg - Straussberg on 20 May 2010
The Teacher: Mr. Eugen Krausz, with his daughter Alice.
Third (last) row: From left - 1st Esti Sussmann, (daughter of Carl Sussmann); 2nd and 3rd are the Grnsfeld twins;  5th is Sari Lobl; 
7th is Leah Lobl (blonde hair); 8th is Olga Riegler; 10th is Irma Blum(?);
12th and 13th are Kern; next, 6th boy from right is Kohn. Third from right is Joseph Loeffler.

Second (middle) row: From right -  2nd is Adolf Kohn; 3rd is Tauber; 5th is Lobl;  From left - 8th girl is Hilda Hacker; 
11th is Flora Ginzburg (Elli's sister, with sailor shirt); 12th and 13th are the blond Schlagl sisters; 
First row, 9th from left is Tauber.

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[S3] Lackenbach school, early 1930s. (1931?)


Teacher and most students were identified by Elli Ginsburg - Straussberg on 20 May 2010
Identified: The Teacher is Eugen Krausz; on the left (his right) is his daughter Alice.
Top row from left - First is (?) Hacker; 2nd is (?) Schlagel; 3rd is (?) Kern, one of several sisters; 4th and 5th are the Gr
nsfeld twins; 6th might br Olga Riegler;
7th is Shari Lobl;
8th is  Hirschler; 9th from left is Rudich(?); 2nd from right is Riegler;
3rd row from right - 1st is Herta Kohn; 3rd is Esti Sussmann; 4th is (?) Schlagel, her sister in top row. ; 5th is Melanie Kern; 6th is Hedvig Kornfein; 8th is Flora Ginzburg;
3rd row from left - 1st is (?) Hacker, sister of the girl behind her; 2nd is Ella Wiener; 3rd is Ester (Esti) Lobl daughter of Yakov; 4th is Gitta Kern.
First on left between 2nd and 3rd  row: Joseph Loeffler
2nd row from left - 4th is Erna Riegler; 5th is Elli Ginsburg; 6th is (?) Frenkl; 8th is Lili Polack; 9th (the big boy behind Alice Krausz) is (?) Wieselmann;
10th (right to the teacher, with glasses) is (?) Frenkl; 11th (bright jumper) is (?) Taube; 13th from left is (?) Kohn.
First Row from right - 5th might be (?) Stessl; 7th is (?) Preiss; 10th is Harry Lobl and 11th is his brother Romi Lobl, sons of Yakov; 2nd from left might
also be Stessl.       

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