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These pages are dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust victims from Lackenbach
דפים אילו מוקדשים לזכרם של תושבי לקנבך הקדושים והתמימים הי"ד שנרצחו על ידי הנאצים ובני בריתם בשואה. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה

As of 12 of December 2010, there are 541 names of Holocaust Jewish victims from Lackenbach in
The Central Database of the Shoah Victims' Names in Yad Vashem.

 276 of them were born in Lackenbach.
 314 of them lived there before the Holocaust.
 None was killed in Lackenbach itself.

From 11th of March 1938, after the Anschluss - the 1938 incorporation of Austria into Greater Germany by Nazi Germany-
the Jewish population of Lackenbach were expelled and dispossessed. Most of them were loaded aboard trucks and driven to Vienna.

Some, mainly those with foreign passports, succeeded to escape from Austria, but most of them were later deported to death camps.
In October 1938, there were no more Jews in Lackenbach. The whole Burgenland region was declared "free of Jews" (Judenrein).
The Lackenbach Synagogue (see picture in the Austrian Jewish Museum website here) was destroyed on November 10, 1938 (Kristallnacht).
There are testimonies of Gypsies (Roma) carrying the Synagogue's stones in 1942 to other construction areas in Lackenbach.

Memorial Stone in the location of the destroyed Synagogue, Lackenbach

Synagogue Memorial

In the course of the war, about two hundred of Lackenbach born Jews were killed.
(see "Holocaust" in Database and Resources and Holocaust Yizkor name list down this page and memorial pages in this website) .
At least 30% of the Jewish population of Burgenland was killed in concentration camps.

* * *

Victim list and Personal Yizkor pages

Yohan (Johann) LOFFLER הי"ד (escaped from Lackenbach to Bratislava in March 1938) deportation (No. 299) 
from Bratislava through Zilina to a death camp, 4th Jun 1942.
Contributed by ©  United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, from ITS (International Tracing Services), Jan 2009)


Victims' names given as testimony to this website by Lackenbach researchers / families.

BREIER Josef, B. 17-Mar-1868  Lackenbach; Transport Wien II, 19-Oct-1941 transport no. 559; died in Lod'z ghetto on 04-Apr-1942

LEDERER  Heleny, B. Gross Warasdorf 1878, lived in Lackenbach, Schlossgasse 10; in April 1938 escaped to Wien,
deported 23 Jul 1942 Transport IV/5 Wien to Terezin, died 01 Dec 1942 Terezin.

EHRENHAFT Heinrich, B. 08-Feb-1873 Lackenbach, Transport Wien I, 15-Oct-1941 transport number 768.

LÖBL (LOEBL) Benjamin , 1889-1942 (See Yizkor Page for LOBL)

LÖBL (nee ZOLLER) Elsa,1895-1942

LÖFFLER Johann (Julius, Yanos, Yohanan), B. Skalica Slovakia 1877, married in Lackenbach 1910, lived in Lackenbach Schlossgasse 10 from 1922, escaped to Bratislava April 1938, perished June 1942 (see above).

SCHNEIDER, Alfred Ya'akov Israel (Bogo), 1920-1945

SCHNEIDER Ani 1925-1942

SCHNEIDER Egon, 1927-1942

(Leopold Yehuda), B. Lackenbach 1889-1944

LEITNER  Ignatz      

KARDOS Helena born LEITNER at 21.02.1895

KARDOS (KOHN) Leopold, born 12.11.1892

KARDOS (KOHN) Edmond                          
KARDOS (KOHN)  Isidor                                  
REIGLER (KOHN)  Jenny                    

Victims' names from various resources
(To be continued, see full list of victims in Yad Vashem)

Alter Joseph B. Lackenbach 24 Jan 1878, Lived in Wien1 Judengasse 5/5, Deported to Riga 26 Jan 1942.
Austerlitz Paula, B. Lackenbach 26 Jun 1891, Lived in Wien 2, Adambergergasse 10/7, deported to Modliborzyce 5 Mar 1941
Baruch Jetti, B.
Lackenbach 30 Nov 1865, Lived in Wien 9, Seegasse 9, deported to Theresienstadt 28 Jun 1942, died in Treblinka 21 Sep 1942
Beinhacker Arnold, B.
Lackenbach 15 Oct 1892, Lived Wien 2, Nestroygasse 6, deported to Opole 15 Feb 1941
Beinhacker nee Leitner Mina (Margarethe), B.
Lackenbach 17 Oct 1893, lived Wien 2, Grosse Sperlgasse 16/12, deported to Opole 15 Feb 1941
Blum Ernstine, B.
Lackenbach 5 Aug 1890, Lived Wien 2, Grosse Sperlgasse 37a/16, deported to Modliborzyce 5 Mar 1941
Blum Mira, B.
Lackenbach 21 Oct 1887, Lived Wien2, Herminegasse 6/11, Deported to Maly Trostinec 9 Jun 1942, died 15 Jun 1942
Bohensky Beno, B.
Lackenbach 13 Oct 1886, Lived Wien 2 Herminegasse 19/3, Deported to Maly Trostinec 25 May 1942, died 26 May 1942
Bohensky Eduard, B.
Lackenbach 28 Aug 1894, Lived Wien 2 Rotersterngasse 20, deported to Izbica 15 May 1942
Bohenzki Samuel, B.
Lackenbach 8 Sep 1892, Lived Wien Grosse Schiffgasse 17, deported to Opole 15 Feb 1942
Braun Johann, B.
Lackenbach 16 Aug 1902, Lived Wien 2 Molkereistrasse 4, deported 20 Oct 1939
Beier Josef, B.
Lackenbach 17 Mar 1868, Lived in Wien 2, Novaragasse 21/6, deported to Lodz 19 Oct 1941, died in Lodz 4 Apr 1942
Deutsch  Bernhard, B.
Lackenbach 15 Oct 1859, Lived in Wien 2, Schiffamtsgasse 20/6, deported to Lagow-Opatow 12 Mar 1941
Ehrenhaft  Heinrich, B.
Lackenbach 8 Feb 1873, lived in Wien 2, Obere Donaustrasse 91/10, deported to Lodz 15 Oct 1941
Eisler Flora, B. ? Lackenbach, lived Wien 2 Novaragasse 32/2, deported to Riga 3 Dec 1941
Faigenbaum Irene, B. Lackenbach 25 Aug 1893, lived Wien 2 Odeongasse 9/16, Deported to Maly Trostinec 31 Aug 1942, died 4 Sep 1942
Feiglstock Arnold, B. Lackenbach 3 Dec 1874, lived in Wien 2, Adambergergasse 12, deported to Riga 11 Jan 1942
Feigelstock Lea, B. Lackenbach 1 May 1867, deported  11 Jan 1942 from Wien 2 Adambergergasse 12 to Riga
Feri Adolf, B. Lackenbach 14 Dec 1863, deported 20 Aug 1942 to Theresienstadt from Wien 2 Grosse Pfarrgasse 8/13, died in Treblinka 23 Sep 1942
Feuer Hermine B. Lackenbach 10 Nov 1883, Deported 23 Oct 1941 from Wien 6 Kostlergasse 10/5 to Lodz
Frankl Ignaz, B. Lackenbach 30 Aug 1865, deported 19 Oct 1941 to Lodz from Wien 2, Nestroyplatz 1/25
Frischmann Betty, B. 17 Dec 1869, deported 26 Jan 1942 to Riga from Wien 1 Dorotheergasse 6/13
Frischmann Leopold, B. Lackenbach 5 Sep 1859, deported 20 Aug 1942 to Theresienstadt from Wien 2, Grosse Mohrengasse 30/8, died 16 Jan 1943 Theresienstadt
Frischmann Norbert, B. Lackenbach 25 Sep 1907, Deported 18 Jan 1944 to Westerbork/Theresienstadt, died 24 Feb 1945 in Dachau
Fruchter Marie, B. Lakenbach 15 Jan 1867, deported 13 Aug 1942 to Theresienstadt from Wien 2, Zwergasse 5/8, died 30 May 1944 Theresienstadt
Gabba Josefine, B. Lackenbach 21 Oct 1899, deported 5 Mar 1941 to Modliborzyce from Wien 4, Weiringergasse 29/9
Gelb Hermine, B. Lackenbach 10 Mar 1878, deported 26 Feb 1941 to Opole from Wien 2, Flossgasse 6/8, died Opole 24 Dec 1941
Gelb Katy, B. Lackenbach 29 Mar 1872, deported 22 Jul 1942 to Theresienstadt from Wien 2, Grosse Sperlgasse 19/3, died 4 Dec 1942 Theresienstadt
Gelb Malwine, B. Lackenbach 3 Sep 1875, deported 27 Aug 1942 to Theresienstadt from Wien 9, Seegasse 9, died Theresienstadt 5 Jan 1943
Geller Elisabeth, B. Lackenbach 21 Apr 1901, deported to Riga 6 Feb 1942 from Wien 2 Grosse Mohrengasse 32/3
Gerstl Arnold, B. Lackenbach 13 May 1886, deported 12 Aug 1942 to Drancy/Auschwitz from Wien 23, Atzgersdorf
Gerstl Frieda, B.Lackenbach 26 Jan 1889, deported 11 Jan 1942 to Stutthof from Wien 2 Tandelmarktgasse 8, died 1 Oct 1944 Stutthof
Gerstl Jakob, B. Lackenbach 4 Jan 1885, deported 18 Jan 1944 to Westerbork/Theresienstadt, died 7 Jul 1944 Auschwitz
Ginsberg Shlomo Yitzhak, B. Radziwillow, Poland 1887, deported March 1938 from Lackenbach to Wien, perished 5 May 1940 in Buchenwald.
Gingberg Adolf, B. Lackenbach 13 Jan 1927, deported 5 Mar 1941 to Modliborzyce from Wien 2, Rembrandtstrasse 34/7 killed 1946 on the way to Swiss.
Gingberg Malvine, B. Lackenach 19 Oct 1888, deported 5 Mar 1941 to
Modliborzyce from Wien 2, Rembrandtstrasse 34/7 killed 1946 on the way to Swiss.
Gluck Isidor, B. 5 Feb 1878 Lackenbach, deported 14 Sep 1942 to Maly Trostinec from Wien 1, Judengasse 11/3, died 18 Sep 1942 Maly Trostinec
Alfred  Leitner 
Ignatz Leitner     

Helena  Kardos  born Leitner at 21.02.1895
Mina Beinhacker born Leitner

Leopold Kardos (Kohn) , born 12.11.1892

Edmond Kardos (Kohn)                            
Isidor  Kardos (Kohn)                                    
Jenny  Riegler  (Kohn)                                

Survivals list and Life stories

This list includes those who were born in Lackenbach, and residents of Lackenbach who escaped from Lackenbach or were deported from Lackenbach after the Anschluss in February1938, and survived the Holocaust either in camps, in hiding or overseas.

BLUM Mor (Mortzi), B. Lackenbach 1909, lived during WWII in Budapest, died 1971 in Israel (Yohanan Loeffler)
        GINZBURG Flora B. 1923 and Elli B. 1925 in Lackenbach, escaped to Switzerland in Jan 1938 and later to Israel.
(Elli Ginzburg)
        KOHN (KARDOSH) Edmond
(Gila Hofi)
LEDERER Karolin, B. Lackenbach 1884, escaped to London 1938. (Yohanan Loeffler)
LEDERER Lipot, B. Lackenbach 1888, escaped from Wien to New York 1938. (Yohanan Loeffler)
        LEITNER Max (Gila Hofi)
        LEITNER Emil
(Gila Hofi)
        LEITNER Hugo (Gila Hofi)
LÖBL - BROOKS Helene, (Al Bjorn)
LÖBL Hilda (Al Bjorn)
LÖBL Martin (Al Bjorn)
LÖBL Rosa (Al Bjorn)
LOBL Sari - died in London while having her first birth. (Elli Ginzburg)
LÖFFLER Joseph, B. 1920 (Budapest) lived in Lackenbach 1922-1938, died 2004 in Haifa, Israel (Yohanan Loeffler)
מקס ליטנר , אמיל ליטנר , הוגו ליטנר ואדמונד קרדוס (קוהן ) .

* * *

In 1940, a "Gypsy-Anhaltelager" was established in municipal territory at a former estate of the Esterházys in Lackenbach.
The inmates, mainly Burgenland Roma, were made to do forced labor and, starting in 1943,
were partially deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau where they were murdered.

A Roma Cemetery was established inside the Jewish Cemetery (at the south east corner).
There are
Roma survivors' testimonies of carrying the stones from the destroyed synagogue to other sites.
At the end of March 1945, the camp's administrators fled the approaching Red Army, so there were never any Roma evacuation marches.

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