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This section includes  databases and research resources for Lackenbach
that are known to us and are available for the public to research.

Please contact us if you know of other databases.


JewishGen All Hungary Database. This  database have more than 800,000 entries, referring to individuals living in the current and former territory of Hungary — this includes present Hungary, Burgenland in Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania, and subcarpathian Ukraine.  The database is a work in progress and new entries are being added regularly.

Search for Census, B.M.D. (Birth, Marriages and Death) and Holocaust records for  Lackenbach. The Database also includes:
1828 Tax Payers list
About this list, see: http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Hungary/Census1828.htm
Search  the 1828 Tax Payer list, in the JewishGen All Hungarian Database for "Town" -  "is exactly" -  "Lackenbach".  207 entries for "Lackenbach".

1848  Hungarian Census list
About this list, see: http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/hungary/census1848.htm
Search  the 1848 Census, in the JewishGen All Hungarian Database for "Town" -  "is exactly" -  "Lackenbach".  29 entries for "Lackenbach".

1833 - 1895 B.M.D.
Good news! JewishGen is transcribing the Lackenbach 1833 - 1895 B.M.D. records.
Once the project is finished, data will be searchable in the All Hungarian Database.

JewishGen Hungary SIG.  JewishGen's Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG) is a forum for the exchange of genealogical and historical information for those with Jewish roots in the area known as "Greater Hungary" or pre-Trianon Hungary and covers all those areas that were once predominantly Hungarian-speaking. This includes all of present-day Hungary and Slovakia and territory now within Romania, the Ukraine, Austria (including present-day Burgenland), Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia.

JewishGen Austria-Czech SIG.
The purpose of this Special Interest Group is to serve as a forum for the exchange of genealogical and historical information relating to the Jewish communities that once existed in Austria (not including Burgenland) and the Czech Republic (Bohemia and Moravia)

JewishGen Family Finder.   You may find and contact other researchers that are researching the same surname that you do. 26 researchers, researching 54 families from Lackenbach.

Holocaust Database:

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum - prisoners list -  3 names from  Lackenbach : RIEGLER Julius Israel, SPIEGEL Camilla, SPIEGL Rosa.

DOW: Dokumentationsarchiv des österreichischenen Widerstandes - Austrian Shoa victims database
"Lackenbach" in "Place of Birth" will result in 183 names (as in 2013); in "Residence" - 2 names).

Exiled: remembrance and memory, Jewish Victims of the National Socialism from Burgenland, a project by Research Society Burgenland.
           (Search "Database"  for 162 names from Lackenbach).

The JewishGen Holocaust database: enter "Town"-"is Exactly"-"Lackenbach" and enter your JewishGen password - 35 victims and survivors.

Shoah Foundation: List of Interviews with survivors. Three of them were born in Lackenbach:
           Ella Fehl born WEINER;  Walter RIEGLER; Erna Schönová born RIEGLER

           (Click on the "Shoah Foundation" link above to go to the "USC Shoah Foundation Institute" home page;
           choose "The Testimonies" >  "Access to the Testimonies" > "Testimonies Cattalogue".
           Follow the instruction
to search by name or by place - the "Search" tab is at the top right).

USHMM (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)  "Searching for names" - for "Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database":
Enter "Lackenbach" in "Place" - 70 names listed.

Yad Vashem, The Central Database of the Shoah victims' names: 236 names from Lackenbach.

          LDS Films:    

Click HERE to to find the nearest Family History Centre, where you may order and view the films.  

          Lackenbach Jewish B.M.D. 1833-1895, Film number 0700801 Vol. 1 (Filmed 1966)

          Lackenbach Jewish B.M.D. 1833-1895, Film number 2351632 Item 4 (Filmed 2002)*

Lackenbach Tax Payers List 1828, Film number 0623113 (also in the JewishGen All Hungarian Database). Look for Lackenbach:
          "Possessio No. 124 -Lakonbak".

Within the Census of the taxable population of  Hungary, 1828, Sopron Megye.  Includes references to the financial situation, including descriptions of lands and properties. The records are arranged by counties and within the counties by localities in alphabetical order. Text in Hungarian.

          Lackenbach Census 1857, Sopron Megye, Film number 0720205. See Lackenbach 1857 Census Surname list. and 1857 Census Sample  Pages.
          Lackenbach B.M.D. Civil registration (including Jewish) 1895-1920, in 8 MicroFilm 35mm:
                    B.  1895-1903, Film Number 0700345
                    B.  1903-1920
, Film Number 0700346
                    B.  1895-Jan 1907
, Film Number 2351633, Items 1-3
                    B.  Jan 1907-1911
, Film Number 2351634, Items 1-2
                    M. 1895-1920
, Film Number 0700347
                    M. 1891-1911
, Film Number 2351634, Items3-4
                    D. 1895-1911
, Film Number 0700348
                    D. 1912-1920
, Film Number 0700349
                    D. 1895-1901
, Film Number 2351634, Item 5
                    D. 1902-1911
, Film Number 2351635, Item 1

*Microfilms (films) number starting with 07...should be identical, for the same years, to the films starting with 23...   

Cemetery database.     

List of 1742 (!) graves in Lackenbach cemetery. The list was contributed anonymously to Yohanan Loeffler, with a permission to publish in this website.
The list is displayed in its original format

 Books and publications:



Image contributed by Peter Quentin,
book given to him by Liane Winkler
       from    Lackenbach

      Image from  book
belonged to Joseph Loffler

Other resources:

Austrian Jewish Museum, Eisenstadt (in German)

Burgenland Jewish cemeteries- IKG-Wien website.

          Jewish Mattersdorf - A KehilaLink about another  Jewish community of the "Seven Communities" in Burgenland.

          The Burgenland Bunch Genealogy Group (Search "Surnames" and "Villages").

          Destroyed Jewish Communities - Burgenland - in "scholemandfriends.com" by Hannes Graf (Scholem Alejchem).

Lackenbach Property owners Tax Payer 1861, (Thanks to CHAJP, not searchable online). See Lackenbach 1861 Tax Payer Surname list

          Lackenbach Synagogue register: Men reserved Seats and Women reserved Seats; about 200 names each, from about 1880.
        (Thanks to CHAJP, not searchable online)

Lackenbach  1882 - 1924 (Neufeld) complete Mohel Book

Lackenbach 1821- 1871 (Roffe)
Mohel Book sample pages


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