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Bochnia Conference - 2003


An international conference titled Unknown Historical Sources about Bochnia was held in the city of Bochnia in September 2003. This conference was organized by Bochnia's Mayor (Mr. Cholewa) in collaboration with the Head of the Krakow Archives (Mr. Robert Bogusz) and the Head of the Bochnia Archives (Ms. Joanna Potasz). One of the central themes of the event was the history of the Jews in Bochnia, especially during WW II and the Holocaust. (Click here or here to see the Polish links about this conference).

The lecturers from Israel included:

  • Dr. Rachel Kollender (Head of The Organization of the Jews of Bochnia). She lectured about the history of the Bochnian Jews as well as current topics.
  • Mr. Alex Gutfreund, who presented his story as a youngster in Bochnia during the Holocaust
  • Mrs. Miriam Romm (a member of the Krakow Research Group) She spoke on Available Sources about Bochnia in Israel. In collaboration with Yad Vashem, she made a contribution of important books and documents to the Bochnia archives.

At the same occasion, in a festive ceremony at the Bochnia Museum, the Israeli Ambassador to Poland, Mr. Shevach Weiss, presented the family of Prof. Stanislaw Fischer with the merit of  אות חסיד אומות העולם. Also present was Prof. Asher Weinfeld who was a student and a member of the Hechalutz underground group during the Shoah. His life was saved by Prof. Fischer.

(l-r): Alexander Gutfreund,
Miriam Romm, Rachel
Kollander, Mr. Cholewa
(click to enlarge)
(counter-clockwise): Miriam Romm,
Israeli Ambassador Shevach Weiss,
Prof. Asher Weinfeld, Fischer's daughter
Rachel (standing): Fischer's grand-
daughter; members of the Fischer
family;director of the Fischer Museum.
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