Photos of Przeworsk - before 1944


Submitted by Suzanne A. Wertheim . Photos taken in June 2005 during her visit to Przeworsk.

These photos are part of a large collection of photos submitted by Ms Wertheim. They can be seen throughout the Przeworsk webpage under several headings, including:

Maps, Photos of Przeworsk - 2005, The Przeworsk Synagogue, Przeworsk Cemetery, and The Rebbes of Przeworsk.


There are no definite dates for when these photos were taken but they were certainly taken in the early 1920's and definitely pre-WW11 . Mr. Thomas a school teacher living in Przeworsk was very helpful in identifying the photos.


The Rynek [Marketplace] facing East

View of the Rynek [Marketplace]

Jewish Stores / Commercial Center. Mr. Thomas couldn't remember what was sold there. (He was very young when the war started).


Mr. Thomas explained that there are three streets where Jews lived before WW11:  Kazimerzowska, Kilinskiego and Bernardynska. These are all in the old downtown south of Jagiellonska and just north of the Rynek.   The Photos bellow are all of Jewish streets.  Mr. Thomas was only able to identify one:  Kazimerzowska.  It looks today much like it did when the photo was taken in the early 1920's


Kazimerzowska St.

Jewish House


These photos are part of Tomek Wisniewski's extensive collection:
" We are in search of Poland Society"
They are reproduced here with his permission


The Sugar Factory
Photo taken in 1911

General View of Przeworsk. General view of city from the church. The Rynek [Marketplace] is visible at the far end and the Ratusz [City Hall] and roof of Great Synagogue on the far left. Photo taken in 1920

View of Rynek [Marketplace] and Church from the Ratusz [City Hall] Photo taken in 1930


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