Photos of Przeworsk - 2005


Submitted by Suzanne A. Wertheim . Photos taken in June 2005 during her visit to Przeworsk.

These photos are part of a large collection of photos submitted by Ms Wertheim. They can be seen throughout the Przeworsk webpage under several headings, including:
Maps, Photos of Przeworsk - before 1944, The Przeworsk Synagogue, Przeworsk Cemetery, and The Rebbes of Przeworsk.


Street near the Rynek [Main Square / Marketplace]

View out of town towards the south, people are making haystacks just out of view

Near the Peter and Paul cathedral, on the west side of the main/old central part of the town. The old downtown seems to be anchored by two cathedrals, one on the west side and one on the east side. This is on the west side.

Towards the Rynek [Main Square / Marketplace] The cathedral that grounds the eastern part of downtown is visible.

The Rynek [Main Square / Marketplace] Southern Side

The Rynek [Main Square / Marketplace] Southern Side

The Rynek [Main Square / Marketplace] East Side

Kazimerskova Street. One of the streets where Jews lived.

Kazimerskova Street. One of the streets where Jews lived. An early 1900's photo shows this street looking almost the same.

Old Street near the Rynek [Marketplace]. Probably one of the streets where Jews lived.

Street Leading to Peter and Paul Cathedral

Photo from across the Highway 4 that comes out of Krakow (runs east-west). These are newer houses are not downtown, and looked pretty typical.

Photo showing the building on the place where the Przeworsk Synagogue once stood. Many people in the town said there had never been a synagogue there, only in nearby towns. The Przeworsk Synagogue did exist  and there are photos of the Synagogue taken before 1944. Mr.Thomas, a Przeworsk a local teacher called the Synagogue "beautiful" several times, and said it dated from the 1600s.


Photo of the present-day site of the Jewish cemetery
There are absolutely no markings on the site that it was a Jewish cemetery. Instead there is a giant crucifix with a quote from John Paul II.
People in Przeworsk know where the cemetery is and say "it's next to the bus station; now there's nothing there", but in a generation this knowledge will be lost.
We hope that by having these photos on our website it will serve as a memorial to the last resting place of our Przeworsk ancestors and will also help future visitors to find it easily .


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