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The SCHIMEL Family of Radauti -

A collection of SCHIMEL family photos


Pessie and Rachmiel Schimel were married in Radautz in 1875. Rachmiel was born in Radautz in 1851 the son of  Jankel and Sara Schimel. Pessie was born in Mihaileni in 1851 the daughter of  Schloime and Rifke Balaban, although the Balaban family lived in Botosani at the time of the marriage.                        

Their children were all born in Radautz;  Reschiel in 1878, Frime in 1879, and Hinde in 1884. They moved at some point to Galatz and then everyone except Reschiel moved to Vienna.  We do not know the identity of the couple in the picture below marked “unknown” , but they are from the Schimel family.

Pessie and Rachmiel Schimel are my great grandparents.


Peter Linder, Pennsylvania