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Results of Genealogical Research on the SCHACHTER / SCHECHTER Family

of Radautz, Austria (Radauti, Bukowina, Romania)


Research done by Professor L. Gyemant of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Report dated May 23, 1998

On behalf of Bruce Reisch

Sources of vital records from the State Archives in Suceava, Romania:

1. Registers for births (1857-1884)

2. Register for marriages (1870-1877)

3. Registers for deaths (1857-1887)

The Suceava archives hold material that is more than 100 years old. More recent records can be found in the Radauti Town Hall.



(chronological listing of records)

Date (month/day/year)







1/1/1857 birth Taube   Aron Jitte Sch.  
3/26/1863 birth Hersch   Hoisie Ettel Sch.  
10/22/1864 birth Monie   Joel Malka Sch.  
9/1/1865 death Hersch 2 y      
12/21/1866 death Mathes 45 y      
1/1/1867 death Freida Sch. 40 y      
2/2/1867 death Devora   Henig Ettel Sch.  
8/29/1867 death Judes Sch. 5 mo.      
9/8/1867 death Rose Sch. 4 y      
8/7/1868 birth Chaim Isak   Seide Sch. Ettel Guttmann

1/13/1869 birth Schmul   Mendel Weinstein Ettel Sch.  
7/15/1870 death Salomon Sch. 6 mo.      
7/29/1870 birth Dwora   Alter Sch. Chana  
9/29/1871 birth Devora   Josef Leib Sch. Etel Harth

3/20/1872 birth Chaim Hersch   Alter Sch.

Chana Singer

8/6/1872 birth Bendet   Seidel Sch.


8/19/1872 death Dwora 1 y 6 mo.      
2/2/1872 birth Nuchim   Tobias Sch.


8/21/1872 death Fruma   Srul Sch.   stillborn
12/1/1872 birth Abraham   Jossel Leib Sch. Etel  
7/31/1873 death Abraham Moses Sch. 7 mo.    

8/8/1873 birth Jite   Somer Wolf Sch.    
4/14/1874 birth Moses   Alter Sch. Chana Singer  
5/29/1874 birth Pessi   Srul Sch. Ettel  
9/22/1874 death Moses Abraham 6 mo. Alter Sch. Chana

1/5/1875 birth Rosi   Leiser Sch. Chaje Sossi Klinger  
2/20/1875 birth Chaje Lea   David Segal Resi Schachter  
3/25/1875 birth Marcus   Seide Sch. Ettel died in Siret 1947 Oct. 26
4/17/1875 death Chaje Sch. 26 y     (bir note: Chaje Sossi Klinger, wife of Leiser Schachter? )
5/8/1875 birth Mortko Sch.   Koppel Pessie  
8/30/1875 birth Bendet   Alter Sch. Chane

4/4/1876 birth Ruchel Slate   Jossel Leib Sch. Ettel  
6/30/1876 death Chana Sch. 6 y Abraham Eisig    
12/3/1876 birth Ruben   Seide Sch. Etel

11/5/1877 death Ruchel Lea Sch. 15 Henig Lea  
4/20/1877 birth Zipre   Mendel Fuhrmann Rifke Sch.  
1/31/1878 birth Freida   Alter Sch. Chana  
5/7/1878 birth Scheindel   Jossel Leib Sch. Ettel  
8/6/1878 birth Chaim Ber   Indel Petz Lea Devora Sch.  
5/23/1879 birth Pesach   Seide Sch. Ettel  
7/7/1879 birth Rachel   Leib Gutman Zypre Sch. Zypre was the daughter of Froim and Sara
8/30/1879 birth Frima   Michel Sch. Jita Weber  

(bir note: Michel or Mechel?)

11/12/1879 birth Rosa   Leiser Sch. Chaja Sara Linz  
11/27/1879 birth Sossie   Henig Sch. Ettel Husler  
1/5/1880 birth Resi   Alter Sch. Chani  
7/19/1880 birth Mortko Beer   David Segal Resi Schachter Resi was daughter of Koppel and Pessie
8/6/1880 birth Pessach   Schaje Wolf Ides Sch. Ides was daughter of Israel and Ettel Wolf (bir note: per later records, Schaje Wolf should be Schaje Wohl)
8/12/1880 birth Lea   Mendel Fuhrman Rifke Sch.  
12/24/1880 death Resi Sch. 10 mo. Alter Chane

7/16/1881 birth Chaje   Seide Sch. Ettel  
12/7/1881 birth Riven   Alter Sch. Chana  
12/25/1881 birth Malka   Jossel Leib Sch. Ettel  
1/16/1882 birth Schaje Leiser   Mechel Jita Weber  
4/5/1882 birth Mortko   Schaje Wohl Jides Sch. Jides was daughter of Israel Wolf and Ettel
5/1/1882 birth Chane Sch.   Indel Petz Lea Dvoira Sch. Lea was daughter of Koppel and Pessie
8/14/1882 death Chaje Sch. 1 y Seide Etel  
11/15/1882 birth Nathan   Mendel Fuhrman Rifke Sch. Rifke was daughter of Froim and Chaja
11/2/1885 death Osias Sch. 11 mo. Alter Chana  
4/15/1886 death Sara Sch. 8 y Mortko    
5/12/1886 death Maria Sch. 5 mo. Salamon Malka  



Marriage Records of Radauti:











Dec. 20, 1874 Froim Sch. 54 Aron Itzig Sure Chaje Sure Weissmann 44 Schloime Zepre Schloime and Zepre were from Brody
June 28, 1876 Seide Sch. 40 Abraham Dewora Ettel Guttman 36      
June 28, 1876 Jossel Leib Sch. 31 Abraham Dewora Ettel Harth 24      
June 28, 1876 Alter Sch. 36 Abraham Dewora Chana Singer 31      
April 17, 1877 Alter Moses Schapira 41     Dine Sch. 39 Schimon Ruchel  
June 28, 1878 Israel Wolf 40     Ettel Sch. 40 Bendet Pessie  

These marriage records were probably recorded among the civil records much later than when the Jewish ceremony took place. Perhaps there was some decree about this time coercing all Jews to record their marriages? Many births were considered illegitimate in the civil registers because the parents had not registered the marriage with civil authorities.

Translation of a marriage record (provided by Prof. Gyemant) - great great grandparents of Bruce Reisch, parents of Leiser Littman Schachter:


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