Jezów, Poland


Jezów [Polish], Yezhov [Yiddish], Yezhuv [Russian]

Dedicated to the memory of my great-grandfather,

Icek Majer Galas of Jezów,

to to his ancestors and descendants;

to my grandfather Abram Michal Galas,

and to my mother, Fayga Galas,

and the worlds that she lost.

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Visiting Jezów Today

Local Government

Jezów is in Powiat Brzeziny.  A powiat is similar to a county, is a unit of territorial administration and local government.  Powiat Brzeziny is in Lódz Voivodeship. The powiat’s  administrative seat and only town is Brzeziny, which lies 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of the regional capital Lódz.

The county covers an area of 358.51 square kilometres (138.4 sq mi). As of 2006 its total population is 30,600, out of which the population of Brzeziny is 12,373 and the rural population is 18,227.

The county is subdivided into five gminas (one urban—Brzeziny; and four rural—Gminas Brzezny, Dmosin, Rogów). These are listed in the following table, in descending order of population.

Gmina Jezów contains the villages and settlements of Brynica, Dabrowa, Frydrychów, Góra, Jankowice, Jankowice-Kolonia, Jasienin Duzy, Jasienin Maly, Jezów, Kosiska, Leszczyny, Lubiska, Lubiska-Kolonia, Marianówek, Mikulin, Mikulin-Parcela, Mosciska, Olszewo, Popien, Popien-Parcela, Przybyszyce, Rewica, Rewica Królewska, Rewica Szlachecka, Rewica-Kolonia, Stare Leszczyny, Strzelna, Taurów, Wladyslawowo, Wola Lokotowa and Zamlynie.


Accomodations in Jezów

Most visitors to Jezów will find contemporary lodging and amenities in nearby Lodz, which is a 40 minute drive away.  For those interested in staying nearer to or in Jezów, contact the tourist sources listed below:

Punkt Informacji Turystycznej w Jezowie
ul. Kwiatowa 1
95-047 Jezów
tel. 468 755 203

Punkt Informacji Turystycznej w Brzezinach
ul. sw. Anny 36
95-060 Brzeziny
tel. 468 742 193
fax. 468 742 193


Tourists are advised to have translators and guides with them if they do not speak Polish.

Videos of  Jezów


In 2009 and 2010, I visited Jezów and made several videos posted on YouTube.  They are approximately 60 seconds long.  Interested readers can go to and see videos of my trip to Jezów.


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The town of Jezów has a website at

The mailing address for information is

 Urzad Gminy Jezówul. Kwiatowa 195-047 Jezów