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Blueprints for the New Synagogue -- 1889

[From the Piotrkow Government Documents in the State Archives of Lodz]

Cut of the A-B Line

Front Facade

Side Facade

"Drawn up in the gubernia city of Petrokov [Piotrkow] January 24, 1889
by the architect of the City of Petrokov." [Signature]

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Basement Plan

[The above captions were translated from the original Polish by Andrzej Selerowicz.]

A view of the Synagogue before 1940.
(photograph provided by Boguslaw Dziedzic)

Click here for  a description of the synagogue, from a translation of "The Synagogue," a 1996 magazine article by Boguslaw Dziedzic, which includes a description of the synagogue and its history and his personal recollections of the tearing down of the Synagogue in the spring of 1956. 

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