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More Photos from Belchatow
Before WWII

If you have any photographs taken of the town of Belchatow or of people in Belchatow
before (or after) the war, please consider sharing them with the rest of us. 

Photograph of Joseph and Etta Reich and others.

Photo of Joseph Reich

Josef and Etta Reich (second and third from left)
(Etta did not survive the camps)

Josef Reich

Josef Reich in Belchatow before WWII
He wrote two chapters in the Belchatow Yizkor Book.
(Photographs provided by Lisa Webne-Behrman, grand-niece)

Do you recognize any of the others in the picture?

Click here to read a translation of Josef Reich's
  "Belchatow That Lives in My Memory"  
on the Yizkor Book Project site hosted by JewishGen.
It tells about life in pre-war Belchatow and "how the Jews of Belchatow stood up for their human dignity." 
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Click here to read a translation of Joseph Reich's
  "Belkhatov Without Jews"  
on the Yizkor Book Project site hosted by JewishGen.
It recounts his visit to Belchatow after the war and what he found there, including pieces of his father's tombstone. 
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Two men, possibly from Grocholice,
(a suburb of Belchatow). Who are they?

A couple, possibly from Grocholice.
Do you recognize them?

(Photographs provided by Jacob Jakobowicz)

Abraham Jakubowicz (from Grocholice) and a friend.

Rosa and Rivka Haft
(Rivka died in camps)

Arie Haft
(died in camps)

Chil Lajb Przedborski
(born in Grocholice in 1889;
died in Chelmno)

(Photograph provided by 
Jacob Jakobowicz, son) 

(Photographs provided by Arthur Haft, nephew)       

(Photograph provided by 
Yehiel Volchik, grandson) 

Two photos from the 1920's:

Sitting in front (starting 3rd from left): Ita Dzialowski, Jadzia [Yocheved] Szylit [Shilit], Chana Zeide (mother of Menachem Sharon), and unidentified Przybilsky.
Standing in back (from left): Rachel Szylit and sister.

Middle row: Ita Dzialowski (on left) and Itzek Yuda Dzialowski
(third from right). Who are the others?
(Itzek, Ita's younger brother, died in Paris in 1993.)

(Ita disappeared during the war. Jadzia married Issacher (Sucher) Shotten and now lives in Israel.)

Click on photos above for larger view.
Do you recognize any of the others in the pictures?

If you have any information about Ita Dzialowski, please contact Louis Dzialowski.

(Photographs provided by Louis (Ludwik) Dzialowski, son of Itzek)

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This page revised July 13, 2005.

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