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Photos from Belchatow
Before WWII

[photo of Hiller Bell's family in Belchatow]

Family of Hiller Belchatowski
(bottom row): sister Alta Nacha's sons, Pinkus and Majer, 
Hiller's mother and father, and youngest sister Fradl (Frania)
(standing): sister Rivka Perel, brother-in-law Zelik Kolton, 
brother-in-law Zalman Mendel and his wife, sister Alta Nacha
(Photograph courtesy of Hiller Bell)

[photo of Lelenowski family]

 Rachel & Abram Shlomo Lelenowski and their 5 children (abt. 1918)
(from left): Jakob, Rachel ne Aisen, Sara, Blume, Abram Shlomo, Chaim,
and unknown daughter (in front with doll)

(Photograph courtesy of Leif Rosenstock, Rachel's grand-nephew)

Warszawski and Blatt family members at gravesite of
Sura Necha Blatt, ne Warszawski, in Belchatow cemetery (abt. 1932)
(on left): Sura Necha's sisters, Frana (in front) and Rifka
(next to tombstone): Zvi (aka Herschel) Blatt, her husband
(in front of Zvi and next to him): their daughters, Dvorah and Ethel
(to Ethel's left, with beard): Yankel Warszawski

Click on photo for larger view and some family history and recollection of life in Belchatow.

(Photograph courtesy of Claudia Weiss Greve, Sura Necha's great-grand-daughter)

[Photo of young Belchatowers in bathing suits]

[Young men and children in formation on dam]

Near the swimming area on the river dam  
in the early 1930's
Mendel (Max) Belchatowski (in front on right)
Sala Goldburszt, her fiancee, and Mendel Goldburszt (top left)

At the swimming area on the river dam
Salmonowicz (top left) and Mendel (Max) Belchatowski (second from right)

[photo of youth soccer team in 1930's]

[Photo of 1935 Belchatow soccer team]

Youth football (soccer) team, early 1930's
Mendel Gelbhart (standing in back row, middle)

A 1935 Belchatow football (soccer) team

(Back row L to R): Fishel Levy, Heskel Breitberg, Shlomo Front, David Jacovsky, Chuna Kryzman, Ness, Moshe Wolfowicz (one of the 10 men hung by the Nazis on Purim 1942)
(Middle Row): Yehoshua Schwarzberg, Meier Breitberg, Hanek Jacovsky, Herschel Yacobovich
(Front Row): Mishe Urbach, Napolon, Novack

[Photo of 1937 Belchatow soccer team]

A 1937 Belchatow football (soccer) team
Chaya Gelbhart (far right)

(Above photographs courtesy of Hiller Bell)

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This page revised March 5, 2006.

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