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  • 1897 Russian Census
    Data for Pokotilova, Uman district, Kiev guberniya
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  • 1897 Russian Census documents (Original) Data for Pokotilova, Uman district, Kiev guberniya
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  • 1897 Russian Census: Rakita Family
    Data for Rakita Famlily, Pokotilova, Uman district, Kiev guberniya


Rakita Boruch Leibov (son of Leib) – host – 43 years old – working at different chores (time to time job)
Rakitova Chaya-Rivka Yankeleva (daughter of Yankel) – wife – 45 years old – demented person (insane)
Rakita Gershko Boruchov – son – 22 years old – rewriter (soifer)
Rakita Yos Boruchov – son – 8 years old
Rakitove Tsitia Boruchova – daughter – 18 years old
Gluzbarg Mordko Yosiov (son of Yos) – son-in-law of the host – 27 years old – rewriter (soifer)
Gluzbarg Sura Boruchova – daughter of the host – 24 years old
Gluzbarg Mariam Mordkova – daughter of Mordko , granddaughter of the host – 1 year old


  • Yad Vashem Shoah Victims database for Pokatilovo residents: LINK TO DATABASE LIST
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  • Google Books has a service providing free viewing of books online. Many books contain information relating to Pokatilovo. You are encouraged to search Google Books by entering the search term: Pokatilovo. LINK TO GOOGLE BOOKS
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    • the JewishGen Ukraine Database All Ukraine Database for Pokatilovo.
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        JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry
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        Yizkor Book Necrologies
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        JewishGen Holocaust Database
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        Jewish Religious Personnel in the Russian Empire, 1853-1854
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        Vsia Rossiia Business Directories
        23,000 Jewish businesses in Ukrainian areas, from Russian business directories of 1895, 1899, 1903, amd 1911.
        Kiev Gubernia:
      • Kiev Gubernia Duma Voters Lists, 1906-1907
        Over 32,000 Jewish men living in Kiev gubernia, eligible to vote in the Czarist State Duma elections of 1906-1907.
        Bessarabia Gubernia:
      • Duma Voters Lists, Bessarabia, 1906-07
        128,000 voters in Bessarabia, who were eligible to vote in the Russian Duma elections in 1906 and 1907.
        Bessarabia Vital Records
        Over 144,000 Jewish birth, marriage, divorce and death records for Bessarabia – primarily for Kishinev (now Chişinău, Moldova).
        Bessarabia Revision Lists
        36,000 records from Reviska Skazka - 19th century Czarist tax censuses - for 21 places, including: Beltsy (Bălţi), Orgeev (Orhei), and Akkerman (Cetatea Albă).
      • Jewish Records Indexing - Poland
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