Leonard Oppenheim's travelogue photos

Photos of Sokolów.  Submitted by Leonard Oppenheim.

Taken in June, 2001.


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Len & Dad = Len and Morris Oppenheim  in front of the Sokolów  Mlp. road sign.

synagoguemuseum.gif (109538 bytes)

 Synagogue Museum "museum" in former synagogue. Viewing photo of Market Square from left:  Volunteer in charge of museum,  old man from village,  Morris Oppenheim,  ( Leonard's father) their guide/translator 

judaica.gif (95648 bytes)

Judaica.  Found in Sokolów after WWII


rabbis house.jpg (47646 bytes)

Rabbi's House: Building with second floor was rabbi's house and "court" before WWII

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See the travelogue written by Leonard Oppenheim.

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Compiled by Joseph Faska and Susana Leistner Bloch

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