Growing Up in Niebylec

Growing Up in Niebylec - A Remembrance

By Lisa Rosenfeld,  Based on a conversation with Yaakov Yutcha Schaffer - born 1903 Niebylec

Yaakov Yutchaís parentís were Wolf Schaffer(1856-1942) and Chana Roth Schaffer


The whole town of Niebylec was so small you could blink your eyes and you would be through it like that. The streets didnít have any names. The house we lived in was wooden and had only one story- and just a few rooms. There was no running water and no electricity. In the winter when it was cold we had to put paper in our shoes to keep our feet warm, I donít even remember having socks. But it was not a bad thing, the whole town was like one family. Everyone knew each other, there were just a few family names in the whole town. Schaffer, Salzman, Feit, Steinmetz. There was a Bakery run by the Wallach family, the butcher was Feit, the Dry Goods store was run by Bloom, Shmuel Zev Steinmetz had a small candy store. The Hardware store was run by the Uhr family. My father, Wolf Schaffer, was in the egg business. The farmers came to the market every Monday, and he would buy eggs from them. He then packed them and sent them to Feit in Stryzow, from there he exported them. My father was also the Gabbai of the town. He had a Mikva built in Niebylec, it was a separate building from the shul. I left when I was about 16 years old, but went back to visit in 1939.

Schaffer Family Photos.

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