Now known as

Photos taken in Kamenets 1931/32 by Heshy Boumerand; given by
his daughter, son-in-law Reuven, & Feigy Yudkowsky to
Rabbi Akiva Tendler who graciously allowed them to be
used on this website.

the_saddle_makers_daughter_1931_small.jpg _foundation_laying_of_kamenets_yeshiva_small.jpg a_maltsher_boy_who_learns_in_talmud_torah_a_complete_orphan_1931_small.jpg
a_zionist_organization_in_kamenets_small.jpg aaron_meyer_jaffe_isaac_wholhandler_alter_chazanowitz_1932_small.jpg alterke_the_crazy_shamash_of_kamenets_1931_small.jpg
berelkotikandfamily_small.jpg chaim_ber_savitsky_and_wife_last_shamash_of_shabteles_beis_medrash_small.jpg chille_chaya_pomerance_1932_small.jpg
cornerstoneceremonyforkamenetsyeshivainnewyork_small.jpg esther_orzalimsky_1931_small.jpg grave_of_3_kamenets_geonim_sages_in_old_cemetery_small.jpg
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