Jewish Agricultural colonies in the Ukraine

Bernshtam, Pavel – genealogy,colonies (Russian)

Bernshtam, Pavel – colony books (Russian)

Freedman, Chaim – blog: genealogy, biographies, articles

Freedman, Chaim – "Family of the Vilna Gaon"

Giller, Lisa – Zatishye colony (Russian)

Giller, Lisa – Donetsk site

Govor, Elena – history, genealogy, colonies

Pasik, Yakov – colony site: articles, photos, maps, links (Russian and English)

History of Soviet Jewry – colony articles


Dubois , Father Patrick– Holocaust mass grave survey

Germans From Russia Heritage Society

Mennonite sites


Picassa – colony photos

Odessa Digital Library

Archives of the Ukraine

St.Petersberg Central State Archive of cinema, photo and phono documents

Kolonja Izaaka KenilaLinks site


Joint Distribution Committee Archives

Photos of colonies and villages taken by Orlinsky

The translation of the book – “Khaklaim Yehudim B’Arvot Russia” (Jewish Farmers on Russia Fields) from Hebrew on Jewishgen - Kherson area Yizkor Books

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