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Colony Foundation

Introduction (Chaim Freedman)

Timeline major events which took place during the period the colonies existed, 1787-1940.

Migration Major movements of colonists.

Country of Origin of Original Settlers in Ekaterinoslav colonies from 1846.

History of the Colonization articles extracted and translated from rare Russian sources; links to various regions.

Jewish Encyclopedia article about Jewish Agricultural Colonization.

Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Russia - part one  - articles collected by Harry Boonin

Jewish Agricultural Colonies in Russia - part two - continuation

Jewish Agricultural Colonies -Patricia Eames

Mel Comisarow describes his family's connection with the colonies.

Raseiniai, the home town of the Komisaruk family


Tsarist Period

Russian Geography   Chaim Freedmans experience in identifying and locating the colonies on maps.

From the Hebrew Press  - articles pertaining to the colonies from the Hebrew newspapers Hamelitz, Hamaggid, Hatsefirah

A Journey in the Southern-Russian Jewish Colonies by L.M.Bramson

V. N. Nikitin
Russian Sources on Jewish Agricultural Colonization Nikitin (selections translated by Chaim Freedman)

V.N. Nikitin (Translated by Patricia A. Eames, Editor) V.N. Nikitin 's monograph, "Jewish Farmers: Historical. Legislative. Administrative, and Conditions of Daily Life in the Colonies from their Origin to the Present. 1807_1887" appeared in St Petersburg in1887

V.N. Nikitin "Yevrei - zemledeltsy" - "The Jews - farmers"

Jewish Agricultural Settlements - Yekaterinoslav Government by B. D. Brutskus

Levanda Laws - A Collection of Laws Pertaining to Jews (1894)
Levanda Laws
Elizavetgrad Historical Note
Agricultural Settlement Throughout Russia in 1856

Materials in the Russian State Archives of Ancient Acts Pertaining to the History of the Jewish People: A    Genealogical Survey

Archival Sources for the Geneology of Jewish Colonists in Southern Russia in the 19th Century

From the Field Vlad Soshnikov
Field Notes from Vlad Soshnikov
Jewish Colonization Association
(Galicia and Russia)
Jewish Agricultural Colonies in the Western Governments: Grodno, Kiev, Kovno, Minsk, Mohilev, Podolsk, Vilna, Vitebsk and Volhynia.
Migration Chains

Settlement in Kherson and Yekaterinoslav at the end of 1885



 The Interlocking Melbourne RussiansPublished in Roots-Key, Newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Los


Charts of colonies:


The 17 Colonies of Ekaterinslav 


 Register of the number Jewish Colonies and their population in 1881 - Harry Boonin



Colonies in Bessarabia / Moldova


Colonies in Podalsk / Balta Colonies


Nearby German Colonies and Ukranian Towns where colony families later resided.


Chart of the Kherson Colonies with map



Soviet Period



Up From the "Ash Heap"? A Lost Chapter of Interwar Jewish History -  Crimean colonization

Birobidzan: Stalin's Forgotten Zion

The Jewish Farmers in Belarus During the 1920s  by Dr. Leonid Smilovitsky,

Report about trip to city of Ekaterinoslav and colonies of Guliaipole district in the period November 24 – December 3 1924. Obtained by Mel Comisarow, translated by Joseph Komissarouk it.

Some notes on the essay Colony Novozlanopol by M. Stein - Notes compiled by Joseph Komissarouk regarding the essay “Colony Novozlanopol” by M. Stein, included in a collection published in Soviet Russia in 1926 under general editorship of the professor V.G. Tan-Bogoraz, a prominent figure in Russian revolutionary movement, a poet and an anthropologist.

"Novozlatopoler Rayon" Part 1 - (Novozlatopol Region) by G. Sandler, published by "Emes" Moscow 1935.
A study of the Novozlatopol Jewish Autonomous Region in the Soviet Period. donated by Michoel Ronn

"Novozlatopoler Rayon" Part 2 - (Novozlatopol Region) by G. Sandler, published by "Emes" Moscow 1935.
A study of the Novozlatopol Jewish Autonomous Region in the Soviet Period. donated by Michoel Ronn

Destruction of Jewish Tradition under the Soviet administration

Land measurements



Unclassified material to be added to existing pages.

Chart: The Black Sea Settlements Prior to 1918 - Kherson [Move to Maps]

Lvovo  [Move to Lvovo page as a link]

History of Novozlatopol

The Joint Distribution Committee Reports -translated from French [Dead link find material]

Holocaust: Interview of residents of former Jewish colony Novozlatopol by Father Patrick Desbois


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