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Jewish Colony No. 1


Novyy Zlatopol'

Novo Zlatopol, Novozlatopil'. Novozlatopol', Novozlatopol. Pervenumer

 36° 33' /  47° 49'



Novozlatopol rural office, 1904.



Novozlatopol school, 1904.



Novozlatopol Veselaya Krasnoselka, 1865.



Novozlatopol school, 1904.


Novozlatopol, 1929.


The Cow Story

Established 1848

1930: Novozlatopol Jewish National Region, Zaparozhe Ogurka, Dnyepropetrovsk Oblast.

1939: Zaporozhe Oblast.


1929: organized into a Kolkhoz and in the mid-1930’s transformed into a grain Sovkhoz.

1938: on the Sovkhoz worked 295 people who lived in 50 houses.

1941: at the time of the population evacuation to the east of the country, leaving occupied the Jewish colonies by Fascist tormentors and executionists. At the present time in the village are no Jews.

Source: Literature: [Does not quote Nikitin]

1. Ossipov "Jewish Agricultural colonies in Novorussiya region" journal 1890.

I.M. Shaykin, Kiev.



(Hamagid 1858; Jan. 29) 207 families, 996 people.

At the end of 1885 there were 59 families in the colony.

In 1911, Novozlatopol district had 3,905 Jews ( Avotaynu XIII/4/31)

1924: 63 families, 426 people, individual farms cultivated 1135 desyatins.  Ossipov "Jewish Agricultural colonies in Novorussiya region" journal 1890.


From the Hebrew Press:

Surnames from Russian State Archives of Ancient Acts (RGADA):(Fond 1308, series 5, files 1444,1450, 1451) Amanuel, Belyaev, Berzigal, Brozgol, Butelkin, Burov, Druyan, Eidinzon, Fainveits, Godos, Gurevich, Glezerman, Kabo, Kahgan / Kegan, Kleinerman, Kovnat, Kupesok, Lev, Iorsh, Levin, Lekus, Lipshuts, Lotsov, Lyban, Maba, Malinoer, Malts, Margalit, Margolin, Medved, Mitsman, Olkhov, Palitski, Penchuk, Pripis, Rutman, Rutshtein, Shchuer, Shchulkir, Shpitsnodel, Sigal, Svirsky, Tsiblya, Tsirkin, Ushkatz / Usher, Vorkel,  Wiseman, Yanuar, Zlatokrilets, Zmood,   Zogot


Additional names in JGFF:  Kagan,

Sources: WWWW, Our Father's Harvest Supplement, Avotaynu XIII/4/31

JGFF Researchers: Chaim Freedman: Zmood; Emily Bayard: Butelkin; Gay Lynne Kegan: Kegan, Lipshitz, Lotsov.


Mel Comisarow has recently returned from a trip to the Ukraine. Among the records he brought back is a list from 1850/52 of people who moved from Vitebsk Guberniya, city of Lyutzin to Novozlatopol colony. This list includes:

    Berko Reizes died 1849
    sons Mikhel Borukh aged 16 in 1850 and 18 in 1952
    Elya aged 22 in 1850 and 13 in 1852.

This fits in nicely with the Reizes family history written by Mikhoel Borukh in Jerusalem in 1903.


Photo gallery:     Borukh Lev and Velvel Comisarow

                       Rabbi Yitshak Hersh Weisman


History of Novozlatopol

Lutzin (Ludza), Latvia Revision List 1834, 1850 includes Zmood (Zhmudya) and other families which settled in Novozlatopol in 1846.

1858 Revision Lists                        

Some notes compiled by Joseph Komissarouk on the essay Colony Novozlanopol by M. Stein - Notes regarding the essay “Colony Novozlanopol” by M. Stein, included in a collection published in Soviet Russia in 1926 under general editorship of the professor V.G. Tan-Bogoraz, a prominent figure in Russian revolutionary movement, a poet and an anthropologist.

"Novozlatopoler Rayon" Part 1 - (Novozlatopol Region) by G. Sandler, published by "Emes" Moscow 1935.
A study of the Novozlatopol Jewish Autonomous Region in the Soviet Period. donated by Michoel Ronn

"Novozlatopoler Rayon" Part 2 - (Novozlatopol Region) by G. Sandler, published by "Emes" Moscow 1935.
A study of the Novozlatopol Jewish Autonomous Region in the Soviet Period. donated by Michoel Ronn

People who moved from Vitebsk Gubernia to Novozlatopol (1850-1852).

Prenumeranten lists have been discovered which include the kolonyas.

While the entire lists merit translation here are some highlights. The transliteration maintains the actual Hebrew spelling.

Holocaust: Interview of residents of former Jewish colony Novozlatopol by Father Patrick Desbois

Novozlatopol massacre  

Partial list of NovoZlatopole (Novyy Zlatopol) holocaust victims (818) of the Holocaust downloadable in table format (in Russian)

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