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Kherson Guberniya

Kherson District





Har Shafer

Kolonie Inguletz

47 44' / 3315'



150 km SW of Dnepropetrovsk NE of Odessa

Located S of and close to Krivay Rog.


Population: 2,157

At the end of 1885 there were 128  families in the colony.


In 1925 there were 5000 people in 550 families. The colony was settled about 1850 and in 1925 was in fairly good condition. It did not suffer from pogroms, although it suffered robberies on several occasions.


Sources: WWWW: LDL; SF; The New Exodus, Brown. David

JGFF Reserachers: Lili Gurdnik - Druaroff, Guralnik; Gabriel Coronel - Traiber, Propinski, Safranchik


"My grandfather left the Ingulets colony in Cherson in 1908. I have found my last name in the colony site you are mentioning in an article named: "Jewish Farmers: Historical. Legislative. Administrative, and Conditions of Daily Life in the Colonies from their Origin to the Present. 1807_1887", translated by Patricia A. Eames, and printed in the RAGAS Newsletter of Spring 1999." -Jorge Safranchik, Argentina.


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