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Photos of Current-Day

From the trip of Roni Seibel Liebowitz
in July 2001

[roadsign outside of Belchatow]

[sign for entering Belchatow]

[street in downtown area]

On the road to Belchatow from Tomaszow Mazowiecki Approaching Downtown Belchatow
[photograph of shops downtown] [photograph of old Lehman House]
Part of downtown Belchatow Entering Belchatow The old Lehman House on Ogrodova Street

[the oldest school in Belchatow]

[the old synagogue today]

[the old talmud torah today]

The oldest school in Belchatow at 34 Pabianicka Street The site of the brick Synagogue, now an apartment building, at #2 19th January (Stycznia) Street, formerly Ewangelicka Street The site of the old Talmud Torah behind the Synagogue, used as a stable for horses by the Nazis, now also an apartment building

[24 Pabianicka Street]

[33 Pabianicka Street]

Old location of 24 Pabianicka Street, where the home of Hiller Bell (Belchatowski) once stood  Horse-drawn cart in front of the old Lehman House on Ogrodova Street (today Henryka Sienkiewicza Street)
[another house on Pabianicka Street]
House at 2 Ogrodova (now Henryka Sienkiewicza)  Street, where Chana Mandeliel (nee Przybylski) and her mother Chaya lived House at 33 Pabianicka Street where Dora Bornstein (nee Dwojra Szczukocka) lived before the war Further down the block on Pabianicka Street

[across the street from the old Freitag factory]

[the old Olszewski Palace, now a museum]

[area of former textile factory owned by Jews]

A building on T. Kosciuszki Street across the street from the old Freitag Factory The old Olszewski Palace, now home of the Regional Musem Once a textile factory owned by Jews, this was located just outside the open ghetto area

[view of the old Freitag factory]

[another view of the old Freitag factory, around the corner]

[another view of the old Freitag factory, down the block]

The old Freitag Factory located on T. Kosciuski and 1 Maja  Streets.  
It also encompassed  the gardens and living complex of the Freitags. 

[photo of the town seal on Town Hall]

[photo of Roni with town official and friend]

[photo of storks nesting on telephone pole]

Belchatow Town Hall Office at
 1 Kosciuszki Street 
Michal Riabcew, town official,  Roni Seibel Liebowitz, and Hadassah Lipsius Storks nesting atop a town telephone pole

(Photographs courtesy of Roni Seibel Liebowitz)

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