1923 Polish Business Directory
for Tuchin (and Nearby Villages)

Following is a list of 303 names taken from the 1923 business directory for Wojewodztwo Wolynskie (Volhynia Province). The type of business and its location (Tuchin proper or nearby village) is listed after each name. The original directory is in both Polish and French; occupational names have been translated from the French. Surnames are given in their Polish spellings exactly as they appear in the directory. For those unfamiliar with Polish spellings, just follow these rules of pronunciation:
Polish C is pronounced like English TZ.
Polish CZ is pronounced like English CH.
Polish J is pronounced like English I.
Polish SZ is pronounced like English SH.
Polish W is pronounced like English V.
Thus, the name spelled "Kac" in Polish is equivalent to the English "Katz." Similarly, "Szmulowicz" would be written "Shmulovich" in English.
The business directory lists both Jews and non-Jews. The list of names has been reproduced in its entirety with no attempt made to ascertain whether individuals were Jewish, Polish, Ukrainian, German, etc. Nevertheless, the preponderance of identifiably Jewish surnames in this list suggests that the large majority of business owners in Tuchin were Jewish. Some local industries (such as the manufacture of draperies) seem to have been exclusively Jewish, or nearly so. But it is also clear that Jews were represented in nearly all areas of economic life in Tuchin.
Tanning, drapery manufacturing, milling, and commerce in grain were among the important industries in Tuchin in 1923. The most popular type of business (largest number of entries) was food (36 entries), followed by grains (26 entries) and shoemakers (17 entries).
Note - The directory includes listings for businesses in certain villages that, though outside of Tuchin itself, were part of the official Tuchin community. The included villages are: Amelin, Czeslawin, Jadzin, Kryniczka, Lucynow, Maciejowka, Marjanowka, Moszczany, Sobowka, Woronow and Zelanka. For the locations of these villages, see the map. The majority of the village businesses (13 out of 24) were windmills. The business directory also lists the names of wlasciciele ziemscy, the Polish landlords who owned large estates.
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Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Abel H. blacksmith Jadzin
Agres Sz. hardware Tuchin
Alperin S. cattle merchant Tuchin
Alperin Ch. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Arendt A. delicatessen (charcutier) Tuchin
Arndt J. windmill Maciejowka
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Badke A. windmill Kryniczka
Baginski S. windmill Tuchin
Bat A. pharmacy Tuchin
Bat Sz. foods Tuchin
Baran Sz. cap maker Tuchin
Bejze E. blacksmith Tuchin
Berensztejn B. foods Tuchin
Bergerman Ch. hardware Tuchin
Berland M. hardware Tuchin
Biderman M. foods Tuchin
Bilecka E. baker Tuchin
Blinder K. foods Tuchin
Bren M. leather Tuchin
Bren   foods Tuchin
Broner Ch. grains Tuchin
Bryman A. tannery Tuchin
Bryman J. tannery Tuchin
Bryman Sz. tannery Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Celmer A. blacksmith Tuchin
Center P. tailor Tuchin
Chait Ch. tailor Tuchin
Chait M. baker Tuchin
Chait A. shoemaker Tuchin
Chait J. shoemaker Tuchin
Chizelo W. hardware Tuchin
Chyzy P. foods Bojanowka
Cymel I. shoemaker Tuchin
Czubak A. blacksmith Tuchin
Czubok I. shoes Tuchin
Czutbak Z. blacksmith Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Dajcz H. fabrics Tuchin
Dawidzan G. grocery Tuchin
Dejez H. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Demianiuk W. grains Tuchin
Derajewski R. foods Tuchin
Derazner P. hulled grains Tuchin
Derazner P. oil mill Tuchin
Derazner M. grains Tuchin
Dorazner G. grains Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Elbert J. butcher Tuchin
Essen E. windmill Zelanka
Fel G. grains Tuchin
Feldman A. tannery Tuchin
Feldman J. tannery Tuchin
Feldman M. blacksmith Tuchin
Feldman P. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Feldman M. mill Tuchin
Fiks J. oil mill Tuchin
Fiks G. oil mill Tuchin
Fiks I. leather Tuchin
Finkel I. iron Tuchin
Finkelfarb E. grains Tuchin
Finkelfarb S. grains Tuchin
Follak J. blacksmith Czeslawin
Fryc R. delicatessen (charcutier) Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Gamer M. carpenter Tuchin
Gamer W. shoemaker Tuchin
Gamer Berlant Marja dentist Tuchin
Garbaty M. stems? for shoes (tiges p. chaussures) Tuchin
Geler Sz. foods Tuchin
Gelerman G. A. oil mill Tuchin
Gelfenbojm J. grains Tuchin
German A. grains Tuchin
Gerszon L. general merchandise Tuchin
Gerszon L. tobacconist Tuchin
Gibes J. foods Tuchin
Gibner A. windmill Lucynow
Gilberg Ch. foods Tuchin
Gilberg R. foods Tuchin
Gilberg Szacha drapery mfg. Tuchin
Gilberg Szmul drapery mfg. Tuchin
Giler M. grains Tuchin
Gilman A. fabrics Tuchin
Gimelfarb M. water mill Tuchin
Gimelfarb J. foods Tuchin
Ginzburg J. foods Tuchin
Gitelman G. tailor Tuchin
Giterman G. A. hulled grains Tuchin
Giterman   shoes Tuchin
Giterman M. tobacconist Tuchin
Giterman M. grains Tuchin
Gladsztejn D. foods Tuchin
Glatsztejn D. wood Tuchin
Glekier B. baker Tuchin
Gochman A. tannery Tuchin
Gokwart R. blacksmith Czeslawin
Golc F. mason Tuchin
Goldensztejn   fabric mfg. Tuchin
Goldfarb Sz. tailor Tuchin
Goldfarb Sz. tailor Tuchin
Goldstztejn W. fabrics Tuchin
Goldstztejn W. shoemaker Tuchin
Golowa B. fabrics Tuchin
Golub T. baker Tuchin
Grass H. windmill Zelanka
Grinsztejn E. leather Tuchin
Grynsztejn Z. leather Tuchin
Gurwic M. hulled grains Tuchin
Gurwic M. oil mill Tuchin
Gutt W. horticulturist Tuchin
Gutt A. foods Tuchin
Gutt A. carpenter Tuchin
Hajnerman E. blacksmith Tuchin
Hendelman L. windmill Tuchin
Henkelman G. windmill Lucynow
Herkelman G. oil mill Amelin
Horowicz M. forestry business Sobowka
Hubrynowicz S. shoemaker Tuchin
Humeniuk B. barber-surgeon Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Jung P. cooper Tuchin
Jusztejn J. baker Tuchin
Juzim J. baker Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Kac K. grains Tuchin
Kacman Krejna dentist Tuchin
Kalimusis B. tannery Tuchin
Kaplan I. hairdresser Tuchin
Kaplun Sz. fabrics Tuchin
Karp J. tannery Tuchin
Karp J. butcher Tuchin
Karpenszpring R. foods Tuchin
Kaunetis P. clock and watch maker Tuchin
Kejler B. processing of bristles Tuchin
Kiejerich S. physician Tuchin
Kiperbudn S. butcher Tuchin
Kipersztejn J. fabrics Tuchin
Kipersztejn M. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Kipersztejn S. foods Tuchin
Kipersztejn L. drapery mfg. Tuchin
Klatt M. brewery Tuchin
Kluk A. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Knejdel Sz. butcher Tuchin
Kopolowicz   midwife Tuchin
Kornin O. general merchandise Tuchin
Korotka F. baker Tuchin
Krajewski P. metal worker Tuchin
Kraneberg Sz. foods Tuchin
Krepel A. shoemaker Tuchin
Krig A. tailor Tuchin
Krig J. tailor Tuchin
Krig L. shoemaker Tuchin
Krig P. shoemaker Tuchin
Kryczman M. oil mill Tuchin
Kryczmun M. hulled grains Tuchin
Kryst B. mill Tuchin
Kryst B. metal worker Tuchin
Kryst. Br. blacksmith Tuchin
Krysztal M. draperies Tuchin
Krysztal M. kitchen articles Tuchin
Krywonos H. shoemaker Tuchin
Kucin L. fabrics Tuchin
Kucin L. foods Tuchin
Kuczynski Z. physician Tuchin
Kudaszewa Wiera landlord Cecylowka
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Labunska D. foods Tuchin
Ladon S. rope maker Tuchin
Lajczak A. general merchandise Tuchin
Lamdon Ch. grains Tuchin
Lanblunski J. tinsmith Tuchin
Laudon A. rope maker Tuchin
Leks A. windmill Kryniczka
Lewicki B. hotel Tuchin
Libertak Ch. general merchandise Tuchin
Libertow Sz. iron Tuchin
Lipinski J. shoemaker Tuchin
Lisica G. foods Tuchin
Litwak I. grains Tuchin
Lukomski K. spirits Tuchin
Lukomski K. inn Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Mantyk D. oil mill Amelin
Markier B. grains Tuchin
Markisz H. grains Tuchin
Markisz O. grains Tuchin
Mekel A. blacksmith Tuchin
Miller G. windmill Lucynow
Miske A. carpenter Amelin
Mlecznikowski W. delicatessen (charcutier) Tuchin
Mogilewska Paul landlord Horbow
Mour J. fabrics Tuchin
Otbinowska Olga landlord Amelin, Andrzejowka, Czeslawin, Jadzin, Walewica
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Pelach I. windmill Moszczany
Perechodko J. windmill Woronow
Podhorski B. brickyard Tuchin
Porntoroj P. tailor Tuchin
Presman J. hulled grains Tuchin
Presman J. oil mill Tuchin
Pruszynski Piotr landlord Woronow
Pticzer R. tailor Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Rajz Ch. foods Tuchin
Rejtelman W. draperies Tuchin
Rejtelman S. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Rejtelman W. shoes Tuchin
Rejtelman J. foods Tuchin
Rejtelman B. grains Tuchin
Reznik Ch. oil mill Tuchin
Reznik E. grains Tuchin
Rogulska F. tobacconist Tuchin
Rojtbarg M. fabrics Tuchin
Rojteimring Sz. hairdresser Tuchin
Rojtenberg Ch. dentist Tuchin
Rojtenberg E. fabrics Tuchin
Rojzelman R. fabrics Tuchin
Romanski W. foods Tuchin
Rozenberg A. foods Tuchin
Rozenberg A. grains Tuchin
Rozengold   blacksmith Czeslawin
Rykls S. general merchandise Tuchin
Rytter A. windmill Marjanowka
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Sapoznik B. leather Tuchin
Sapoznik W. leather Tuchin
Sapoznik M. shoemaker Tuchin
Seidner Józef physician Tuchin
Sirata I. tailor Tuchin
Sitner M. photography Tuchin
Sito A. general merchandise Tuchin
Sito A. grains Tuchin
Skomza A. foods Hallerowo
Stolarz A. shoemaker Tuchin
Sucharczuk B. shoemaker Tuchin
Sukiennik E. tannery Tuchin
Sukiennik J. tannery Tuchin
Szac G. leather Tuchin
Szac Sz. leather Tuchin
Szac W. grains Tuchin
Szac Sz. forestry business Sobowka
Szapiro I. drapery mfg. Tuchin
Szapiro I. weavings Tuchin
Szecht A. J. fabrics Tuchin
Szejnfeld Sz. midwife Tuchin
Szejnfeld M. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Szejnfeld I. grains Tuchin
Szerel H. tailor Tuchin
Szkolnik Sz. tailor Tuchin
Szkolnik M. foods Tuchin
Szmerling J. tannery Tuchin
Szmukler A. hairdresser Tuchin
Szmulecki A. tailor Tuchin
Sznajder N. tannery Tuchin
Sznajder Sz. mill Tuchin
Sznajder H. mill Tuchin
Sznajder P. drapery mfg. Tuchin
Szpegiilman D. cap maker Tuchin
Szpeigielman R. foods Tuchin
Szprincz A. grains Tuchin
Sztejngold E. leather Tuchin
Sztejngold E. accessories for shoes Tuchin
Sztejngold M. shoemaker Tuchin
Sztejnworcel A. grains Tuchin
Szuc G. mill Tuchin
Szwarc I. tannery Tuchin
Szylin P. mason Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Tarko J. hulled grains Tuchin
Tauchem W. fabrics Tuchin
Tener F. tannery Tuchin
Terk Sz. shoemaker Tuchin
Tew A. general merchandise Tuchin
Tow. A. grocery Tuchin
Truchtkojfer Z. seltzer maker Tuchin
Turok   foods Tuchin
Tyszecki A. petitions and translations Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Upsztejn I. tinsmith Tuchin
Wajner J. leather Tuchin
Wajnszelbojm   tinsmith Tuchin
Waldan Sz. rope maker Tuchin
Waldman B. kitchen articles Tuchin
Waserman J. iron Tuchin
Weber A. carpenter Tuchin
Weber O. delicatessen (charcutier) Tuchin
Wegner L. cooper Amelin
Weksler C. iron Tuchin
Wiacek F. tailor Tuchin
Wielczynski K. shoemaker Tuchin
Wierny L. foods Tuchin
Wilwand A. foods Tuchin
Wojtko T. windmill Moszczany
Woltman F. windmill Maciejowka
Wroblewski A. general merchandise Tuchin
Wroblewski A. foods Tuchin
Surname Given Name Business Town/Village
Zajczyk A. W. foods Tuchin
Zajczyk A. W. tobacconist Tuchin
Zajczyk O. iron Tuchin
Zalc Sz. grocery Tuchin
Zalcman C. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Zalcman S. fabric mfg. Tuchin
Zalcman H. foods Tuchin
Zalcman T. drapery mfg. Tuchin
Zalcwejdel S. blacksmith Tuchin
Zeidman   bookbinder Tuchin
Zelman S. foods Tuchin
Zelman P. grains Tuchin
Ziemianski I. inn Tuchin
Zilberberg Sz. brickyard Tuchin
Zilberberg R. wood Tuchin
Zilberg J. bone Tuchin
Zilbersztejn B. kitchen articles Tuchin
Zilbersztejn B. foods Tuchin
Zmudowski L. harness maker Tuchin
Zomerfeld J. cartwright Tuchin