South African Jewish Yearbook

The Jew in South Africa

A Record of what individual Jews are doing  in the various spheres of the Country’s life

Johannesburg :  The Century Publishing Company (Pty.,) Limited


There are three entries in this book for Rokiskis-born Jews and their biographical sketches follow:

Bacher, Solly – Clothing Manufacturer.  Born in 1901 in Rakishek , Lithuania and educated there.  Came to South Africa in 1921.  Married in 1933 to Chanah Teperson.  Postal Address:  69, Delvers Street , Johannesburg .

Chaitowitz Jacob. - Minister, Boksburg North Hebrew Congregation.  Born in 1903 in Rokiskis , Lithuania .  Educated at the Yeshivah “Meah Shearim”, Jerusalem , and studied Chazanuth under Chief Cantor, Isaac Shnitzer of Jerusalem .  Married in 1922 to Miriam Friedman.  Served as Chazan at the “Malbim Synagogue,” Jerusalem , from 1927-1930 when appointed to his present position.  Lecturer to the Hatechiyah Organization 1935-1938.  Executive member of Boksburg Zionist Soc., Zionist Youth Soc. and Chevra Kadisha.  Delegate to S.A. Board of Jewish Education and S.A. Board of Jewish Deputies.  Postal address:  65, Eighth Street , Boksburg North.

Joffe, Morris – Hardware Merchant.  Born in Rakishok , Lithuania .  Married to Hannah Rebecca Cohen.  Came to South Africa in 1910.  Director, Blankfields (Pty.), Ltd.  One of the founders of the Melville-Auckland Park Hebrew Cong., and its president ever since its inception in 1927; Com member of the Jeppe “Gmilus Chassodim” and “Ain Yakov” Soc. since 1935; Com. Member of the Old-Aged Home since 1935; Chairman of the Dushater Soc. since 1928.  Delegate to the Transvaal Federation of Synagogues; Com. Member Klerksdorp Hebrew Cong., 1916-1921.  Postal Address:  285a, Main Street Johannesburg .

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