Vital Records Success Stories

 From Ben Davidowitz -  " I've only had time to take a quick look but immediately found the
marriage records of my paternal grandparents, birth information for my father and his siblings and...I think, I have found my Grandmother's Mother's first name."

From Rebecca Weinbren - date 1889 February 06, name VEYNBREN Bentsel, father Leyzer, grandfather Yankel, town Moletai

"It's Daniel's grandfather Benjamin Weinbren, his great grandfather Elazar and his great great grandfather Jacob.  I'm absolutely moved to tears. I never thought we'd find them. And they arrived on my twin children Bethany and Jacob's first birthday."

From Andrew Friedland - "I found the marriage record of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother (my guess based on the birth of the first child was only off by only two years). And I think I found the death record of my gg-grandfather."

From Bill Saxton - "I had FOUR hits from the lists - three confirming info I already had and one NEW Zakshtein which opened yet another door. So, it was quite worthwhile for me."

From Amanda Jermyn - ... I found several relatives on the Rokiskis deaths list you sent.  The relatives I found were:   Hena Kruk, my great-grandmother; Ruvin Ruch, his wife Rochel Kavalsky was my grandmother's sister; Liba Ruch, wife of Avraham Koppel Ruch; Michel Ruch, son of Leib Ruch; Rochel Ruch, sister of my grandmother Riva Kavalsky;  Chona Zelik Ruch, son of Pesach Ruch, who appears to have died of poisoning.


Many thanks for sending this. For the first time I've been able to see my mother's birth record! She is listed as Rocha Frieda Krukas, born 1929, now Ray Kriger Katz, and her sister is listed there as Hene Reize Krukas (Anne Kriger). Our cousin Reuben Ruch is listed as Rubinas Ruchas. There are also several other Ruch relatives. The interesting thing is that although the birth years are correct, the day and month listed in the records are after the birth dates as we know them. I'm wondering if these are the dates that the babies were registered rather than the actual dates they were born. In any event, these records are wonderful to have!

From Stephen Gaffin - Because I wrote my family tree I had long suspected that we GRACES from Rokiskis and Kamajai are an unusually long-lived group.  Linda's recent distribution of Rokiskis death records gave me a chance to look further.   I know it's not a rigorous or even a serious data analysis, but I pooled the ages at death of those 36 records of people with the same surnames or descendents of those with the same surnames of my family, out of the 763 named records shown.

Interesting results:  
MEAN AGE at Death was 66.78 years
MEDIAN AGE at Death was 71.00 years (there was a death in infancy that
brought the mean down)
Standard Deviation was 18.48 years

From Jules Feldman - I too found relatives on the list - Yocheved Naimark, daughter of Motel Ber Gurvich, died 20 May 1936, in Rokiskis.  She was the sister of my great grandfather, Zalmna Hurwitz of Rokiskis.  Elija Naimark, her husband, died 26 March 1936.

From Ben Rabin - A hit for me - my maternal grandfather Leibe Heerske, incorrectly recorded as Leibe Girsas.   I have 3 cousins and a brother named after him, Leon Harry, Leonard Harry, and Harry Leon. The surname Brukas (Bruk) has been anglisized to Brook(e) by most of the family except one member in the USA who has retained the name Bruk.


I have found my mother and fatherís wedding records!!!!  They married 8 May 1928 and arrived in South Africa on the 9 July 1928.   While I know quite a lot about my motherís ancestry and her descendants, this is the first evidence of my father that I have come across.

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