Memoirs of Reuben Ruch

Reuben Ruch, son of Rachmiel Ruch and Henna Gurvitch, originally from Rokiskis, is a survivor who currently lives in Australia.   Reuben's grandfather was Reuven Ruch. His grandmother, Rochel Kavalsky Ruch, was the sister of SIG member Amanda Jermyn's  grandmother Riva Kavalsky  (Kriger/Kruk).   Reuben and his family fled to Russia during World War II. After the war he lived in Riga, Latvia, then moved to Israel, and more recently to Australia. His English is limited, so he has written some memoirs of Rokiskis in Russian, and sent them to Amanda, along with some wonderful old family photos. She has been having them translated and, with Reuben's permission, is sharing them with us.


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