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          1891-1915 Postal Bank Records Success Stories

From Bill Saxton :  

I found the record of a deposit made by my grandfather. 

From Shirley Saunders:

The postal list is most interesting as it often gives more than the usual information.  Though my family name is not listed (I understand that the savings were kept at home), I found reference for the first time of an offspring of Abram Yudel Steiman, one of my great-grandfather's brothers.  I also see a member of my extended family who later moved to Bellingham, Washington, the great-grandmother of my hairdresser's partner, and my father's long loathed teacher ("the murderer"), Leybe "the Melamed" Feyn.

From Isobel Fleishman:

Thank you for these records.  I have found a record of my aunt Chana Manelevich (my mother's sister) and Rakhmiel Bar who married another of my mother's sisters on the list.  It is always such a thrill to score a 'hit'!

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