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Member Interest Survey

A major goal of the Nesvizh Study Group is to create a comprehensive and continuously updated inventory both of what we have and of research sources, using these web pages as the principal repository. So please copy, complete and e-mail (or snailmail) Steve Stein your answers to the questions below. We will update the Research page as needed.


. Indicate whether you are willing to copy and distribute what you have, and under what conditions, e.g., free, cost of copies, cost of postage.  

. Indicate everything you might have and don't worry about duplicating someone else's answers (unless it's something we distributed). With our small group, it will be pretty easy to cross-check for accuracy and completeness, and also to know if several of us have the same material. Of course you can always post to the discussion group either an offer to help or a request for other information.

. If material you have has been mentioned on the Research Update page above, please review for accuracy.

1.  Do you have a copy of the Nesvizh Yizkor Book?  Do you know who does (library, personal)?

2.  List any other published information you have about Nesvizh including books, selections from Russian or guberniya business directories, articles, maps [detailed and areawide] first-person Holocaust or other historical accounts, etc. Include author, title, publisher, date, and a short summary. Add references to what you know about, even if you don't have a copy.

3.  List and briefly describe unpublished information, e.g., vital records, censuses, photographs, postcards, family histories, etc. that you either have or are aware of. Please list FHL film numbers as appropriate or other specific citations.

4.  Describe on-line sources of possible interest for background, historical information, images.

5.  Landsmanshaftn information you may have including incorporation papers, yearbooks, membership lists, names of cemeteries used and/or records, and knowledge of any surviving societies.

6.  Anything else you have relating to the immigrant experience including personal knowledge of any living former residents. If so, can these people be contacted?

7.  Brief description of Nesvizh-related research projects you've completed or are working on. Any knotty questions members of the group might help you with should be posed to the discussion group.

8.  Names and candid comments on researchers you are using, including costs, addresses (including e-mail) and recommendations. This is especially helpful if we may want to consider joint research.

9.   Have you (or do you of someone who has) traveled to Nesvizh? If so, have you any written information or photographs to share? (We're only aware of Sy Pearlman's trip in 1995. "A travelogue through the Pale, with a brief stop in Nesvizh"

10.  Do you have suggestions for databases we might maintain and share, e.g., name lists consolidated from trees, business directories, census, vital records, other books, etc.

11.  Additional sources and resources for information about Nesvizh.

12.  Thoughts and/or suggestions on cooperative or joint projects we might undertake, or news to share, especially archival research projects.

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