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1905-06 Nesvizh Real Estate Property Owners
Published by JewishGen Belarus SIG

Nesvizh Vital Records (txt)
Nesvizh Vital Records (xls)

(1839, 1840, 1847, and 1860) from FHL Microfilm #1920793

Historical Sketches:

Nesvizh currently is located in Baranovichi oblast, Minsk guberniya (province) in Belarus, in the former Soviet Union. During the period 1921 to 1939, the town was part of the Republic of Poland. Read more about Nesvizh in this essay: A  Jewish History of Nesvizh

Also, read:

A History of Nesvizh
Jewish Resistance During the Holocaust: Case Study of Nesvizh
by Dr. Sheldon Brown

NOTE: The English translation of the memoir of David Farfel "In the Nesvizh Ghetto and Naliboki Forest" has been published and is now available for purchase. It was translated by Benjamin Schuster, and  edited  by Zvi Farfel. It is the only authorized version of the book. Please contact Zvi Farfel at


New addition:

Video - Interview with Elena Byl, Christian resident of Nesvizh during the Holocaust
Elena Byl video

Video - Until The Last Step. Produced by Ruth Films, this film describes only some of the events of the Holocaust in Belarus between summer 1942 and until the destruction of the ghettos in the fall of 1943. Nesvizh segment starts about minute 27. Read about the video. (added March 2017)

Ancestral Visit Home
by Dr. Sheldon Brown
See photos here!
(*added May 2011)

Transliteration of the 1806 map of the Town of Nesvizh.

The 1806 resident map of the Town of Nesvizh includes names and map references.

Click here to view the:
1881 Tax Payment List of Nesvizh

Name Lists & Other Reference Material

- Photo Gallery of Nesvizh

- Bibliography of Material on Nesvizh

Current Research and Resource Material by members of the Nesvizh Interest Group

Business Directories for Nesvizh Area

Soldiers from the Ghetto: The First Uprising
Against the Nazis,
by Shalom Cholawski

Nesvizh Landsmanshaftn Incorporators

- Belarus Revision Lists (Poll Tax Lists)

- The Historical Archives of Minsk, Belarus

Member Interest Survey


These are already documented:
Mt. Carmel

Mt. Hebron


Mt. Zion

We've found more sites!

- Mt. Judah
Section 2, Block 5
"Indep. Bros. of Neshveis"
- Wellwood, Long Island, NY
Block 26, Section 2
"Progressive Brethren of Neshwies"
- New Montefiore, Long Island, NY
Section 5, Block 12
"Neshwiser Young Men's Benev. Association"

Research Resources and Documents:

Sefer Nesvizh
The Nesvizh Yizkor Book

This area is linked to the JewishGen Yiskor Book site where the Nesvizh Study Group has joined with other JewishGen SIGs in presenting a compendium of the available Yizkor Books.

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Nesvizh, Minsk Gubernya, Belarus

Location: Lat. 53'13o, Long. 26'40o or 59.9 miles SW of Minsk

Other Spellings: Nezvitch, Nezvitch, Nisowitch, Niesviez, Nieswiez, Nieswiz, Neshwies, Niasviz, Nieswish.

Articles of Interest
Links to Other Sites of Interest
- Belarus SIG website - "...our big SIGster..."

- Oral history interview with survivor Elka Farfel on the site of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

- Reeva Kimble's Home Page
An extremely informative site concerning the Town of Mir (Approximately 15 miles north of Nesvizh)- For links to other shtetls in Belarus, link to the Belarus section of JewishGen KehilaLinks

- A list of 337 Jewish draft evaders from Nesvizh.
Jewish draft evaders from Nesvizh 1876

- Allison Bell publishes the following which may be of interest:

February 1860 fines list
July 1853 service list
June 1893 debtors list
Possible Warsaw draft evaders January 1910
1893 call-up notice for Jews in the Minsk district
August 1876 Minsk Gubernya Draft Notice
Jews in the Rechitsa District 1838-1917 by surname
Check out the "Minsk Vedomosti Translation Center" and search tool:

- Article by Herbert Steinhouse about Oskar Schindler. Herbert was the grandson of a Nesvizher; the grandfather's marriage record can be seen here. Google "Herbert Steinhouse" for more.

Nesvizh Maps 1799 and 1817
Nesvizh Maps thumbnail

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