Scene in Nesvizh, Minsk Gubernyia, Belarus

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Yizkor Book

Shtokfish, David, editor. Sefer Nesvizh (Tel Aviv: Irgune Yotse Nisviz be-Yisrael uva-tefutsot [Nesvizh Societies in Israel and the Diaspora], 1976). 531 pages: illustrated. In Hebrew and Yiddish.

The following are locations known (or believed) to have a copy of the YB. Some of the libraries may make a copy available via interlibrary loan.
- Library of Congress -- Washington, DC
- Library of the Spertus College of Judaica -- Chicago
- YIVO -- New York
- New York Public Library -- New York (Yiddish pages are online at
- Holocaust Center of Northern California [not circulating] -- San Francisco
- Price Library of Judaica, University of Florida -- Gainesville, FL
- Brandeis University Library -- Waltham, MA
- The University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)
- The Ohio State University Library -- Columbus, OH
- Princeton University Library -- Princeton, NJ
- The University of Michigan Library -- Ann Arbor, MI
- Cornell University Library -- Ithaca, NY
- Yad Vashem Library-- Jerusalem, Israel

Books About Nesvizh, or with Specific Nesvizh Content

Ayzenbud, Moyshe. The Commissar Took Care ( ). English; translated from the Yiddish. It deals with how he and some other Nesvizhers survived WW2 by escaping to the Urals. There isn't too much about Nesvizh; usually, people in the town are identified only by their first names.

Ayzenbud, Moyshe. Niesviz her Yidn; Dertsaylungen (Melbourne, Australia: unknown publisher, 1965). 256 pages. In Yiddish.

Brown, Sheldon. Shelly's Tales: A Memoir of a Mensch (Schweid Press, 2017). 207 pages, illustrated. Chapter 10.

Cholawski, Shalom. Ir Ve-yaar be-Matsor (Tel Aviv: Moreshet, Bet edut al shem Mordehai Anilevits, 1973). 228 pages, illustrated.

Cholawski, Shalom. So Much Longing, So Much Charm - Nesvizh, Vilna, Rakov (S. Cholawski, 2005; in English). 334 pages, illustrated.

Cholawski, Shalom. The Jews of Bielorussia During World War 2 (Harwood Academic Publishers, Sept. 1997). 320 pages.

Dzeliankouski, Mikola. Nesvizh: Istoriko-Ekonomicheskii ocherk (Minsk: unknown publisher, 1979) 109 pages, illustrations. Russian? [WorldCat*]

Damesek, Solomon. Hedim Reshimot (New York: Hotsaat Bitsaron, 1947). 171 pages. (Hebrew correspondence)

Damesek, Solomon. In Yene Yorn (New York: Aroysgegeben fun talmidim un freynt, 1950). 160 pages. [WorldCat*].

Farfel, David. Be-geto Nisviz uve-ya'arot Naliboki [In Nesvizh Ghetto and Naliboki Woods] (Ramat-Gan, Israel, 1995). in Hebrew.
Farfel, David. In Nesvizh Ghetto and Naliboki Woods (Ramat-Gan, Israel, 2018). in English.

Nowakowski, T. The Radziwills: A Social History of a Great European Family (New York: Delacorte Press, 1974). ISBN 0440073405.

Niasvizh (Minsk, Belarus: unknown publisher, 1968). 1 vol, unpaged, chiefly illustrations. [WorldCat*].

Shishigina, Klavdiia Iakovlevna. Padanni Niasvizha (Minsk, "Polymia:" 1990. 37 pages, illustrated, references. [WorldCat*].

Society and Religion in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: A Reprint of the 1754 Niaswiecz edition of Pelnia Pineknej Jak Ksineczyc Lask Promieniami Aswiatu Przyaswiecainaca. [*].

Belarus -- Jews/Holocaust

Brym, Robert J., et al. The Jews of Moscow, Kiev, and Minsk: Identity, Antisemitism, Emigration (1994).

Smolar, Hersh. The Minsk Ghetto: Soviet-Jewish Partisans Against the Nazis (1989). [*].

Eckman, Lester Samuel. The Jewish Resistance: The History of the Jewish Partisans in Lithuania and White Russia During the Nazi Occupation, 1940-1945. (1978). [*].

Aron, Isaac. Fallen Leaves: Stories of the Holocaust and Partisans (1981). [*].

Belarus -- Research

Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy. Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the USSR, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belorussia [Harvard Ukrainian Series]. (1981). [*].

Belarus -- Travel, General Interest, etc.

Belarus: Then & Now. (Lerner Geography Department: 1993). [*].

Benn, Anna, editor. Russia, with Chapters on Ukraine and Belarus. (Insight Guides: 1993). Paperback.

Nebesky, Richard and Nick Selby. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (Lonely Planet, 1996). [*].

Nowakowski, T. The Radziwills: A Social History of a Great European Family (The Delacorte Press, 1974). ISBN 0440073405. Translated from the German. Illustrated and informative about the people and the region.

Ostrowski, Wiktor. The Ancient Names and Early Cartography of Byelorussia: Material for Historical Research and Study. [*].

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