Scene in Nesvizh, Minsk Gubernyia, Belarus

Nesvizh Study Group

1930 Journal
Brotherhood of Nesvizh

Front page: 1930

The First Page of the

Souvenier Zshurnal fun der
Progresiv Bruderim af Nieswiez

On the following page are "Thumbnails" of 14 pages of the 1930 Souvenir Journal from the Progressive Brotherhood of Nesvizh.  These journal pages are part of a treasure trove of the past that Ms. Brenda Aaronson, a contributing member of the Nesvizh Study Group, has uncovered and is making available to us.  The pages included contain a membership list, a young mens' and a widows' list with addresses,
and one of many journal-type advertisements.  She assures us that there is more to come.

Mr. Daniel Steinhaus, President of the Progressive Brotherhood of Nesvizh Society, has endorsed the publishing of these pages as an aid to further the study of our forbears. 
He said that he hopes more can be made available.

Click here to view the thumbnails of the pages.

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