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Nesvizh Study Group

1939 Journal
Brotherhood of Nesvizh

Below are "thumbnails" of some of the pages of the 1939 Banquet Journal, made available to us by the generosity of Brenda Aaronson.  The front page is included as a reference.  To view each page in a larger, more legible size click on the Thumbnail.  You will be taken to a separate page where your selection will be enlarged.  To get back to this page, right click on your mouse and select "Back".

The Journal was assembled right-to-left, in the Hebrew or Yiddish tradition, but here they were placed in "English" order. 

The alphabetical list of the 1939 membership will eventually be transcribed and put on a separate page at a later date.  This will save space and make your genealogical search easier.


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"A Letter from a Famous Son of Neshwies"

J39membersAtoB.jpg (57510 bytes)
Members List A to B

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Members List C to G

J39membersGtoK.jpg (67638 bytes)
         Members List G to K        

J39membersKtoN.jpg (61671 bytes)
Members List K to N

J39membersNtoS.jpg (55282 bytes)
Members List N to S

J39membersStoV.jpg (66213 bytes)
Members List S to V

J39membersWtoZ&Widows.jpg (58095 bytes)
Members List W to Z & Widows List

J39membersIn Memoriam.jpg (42307 bytes)
1939 In Memorium

Compiled by the members of the Nesvizh Study Group

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