A List of Jews from Krosno

compiled by Bill Leibner, Jerusalem

The following is an incomplete list of Jewish residents of the city of Krosno, Galicia, Poland. The list is a composite of GALICIA MAP three different sources:

  1. -- Names Remembered: Names remembered and compiled by survivors in Israel. The list was accumulated primarily through extensive research in various libraries, especially at Yad Vashem and Beth Hatfutzot. Many Yizkor books or pamphlets from the nearby Galician communities were also examined in the search for Jews from Krosno. The survivors of Krosno who helped with the spelling of names of course provided the greatest contribution. Still some names may appear twice for the spellings are so different.

    Most of the people listed as -names remembered, were killed by the Germans (those verified have SH (for shoa) by their names). The Jewish population of Krosno was estimated at 4000-4500 prior to WWII, and we have managed to gather about 2870 names. Some names appear on documents, others are mentioned by survivors, still others are mentioned in printed material. If there are questions, some can be answered, others will not since some of the list-makers have passed on. The original spellings, as noted by Polish or German clerks, were "yiddish-ized", thus Jsrael became Israel. Alternate Surname spellings and occupations are noted in parentheses.
    If there are any questions, please email Bill Leibner, Jerusalem, Israel

  2. --Israel Landesmanshaft: Names from a list of Jewish survivors who signed up for membership in the Krosno society in Israel following WWII. Baruch Muntz, who was the secretary of the society, was kind enough to provide us with this list. The names were written in Yiddish, and that made it difficult to transfer them to the Latin alphabet. Please excuse any misspellings or distortions of the names. This list did not mention Krosno survivors in Israel that were not members of the society.
  3. --Gmilus Chesed 1939: Officers and members of the benevolent mutual aid society in Krosno. This list was found by Mayer Den; it was attached to a 1939 letter that the organization sent to the Joint office for assistance. The organization used the funds to help the small businessmen. Most of the names are those petitioning for assistance in the form of small business loans.

For more information, email Bill Leibner, Jerusalem, Israel This List was updated November 2006 and May 2009.


Editor, William Leibner, Jerusalem, Israel
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